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cc2.0.cs 2.0

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I don't remember who wrote this script, but I have found it extremely useful over the years. Finding it on my old HDD was like Christmas morn for me. I hope others can find it as helpful and useful as I have.

Simple script, that once placed in your customs folder will make it so that you can issue commands like Save, Shutdown with save, Shutdown no save, bc (broadcast) Hear, Pages, ban, kick, sc (staff broadcast) online (lists all players logged into your shard) list (list or help just prints out the available commands so you don't need to have them memorized)... to your console, So that you can manage your shard with out having to log in with a Player Char or Admin Char. I find it most useful for restarts and shutdowns late night with out having to start up razor or UOSteam.


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Nice to see something like this for RunUO be revived.
4/5 stars - functionality is complete, but could use a little optimizing ;)