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Completely customizable player factions that allow players to annex territory.

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    Player Factions Walkthrough/Guide

    Synopsis: Player Factions lay the groundwork for allowing players to create their own factions in real-time. These factions can then compete for control of customizable regions that produce taxes based on region size. Taxes that can be used to train guards, employ vendors, and upgrade the Faction's military and economic capabilities.

    Forming A Faction

    In order to form a faction, a player must first be the leader of a guild. If the player meets this prerequisite then she or he must also have appropriate funds to pay the formation fee (by default, 1,000,000 gold coins). If the player meets both these criteria then he or she may speak the words “I wish to form a faction” at any time to begin the faction formation process.

    Step one in the formation process consists of naming your faction. This may not be the name of another faction and may not contain any derogatory terms. It may also contain no characters other than numbers and letters, and must be no longer than 40 characters.

    After you name your faction you will be asked to choose the style horse you wish to use as your faction's war horse and the primary and secondary hue that you'd like to represent your faction.

    Once your faction has been formed, you can invite other guild leaders to join your faction by speaking the words “I wish to form a pact” and then targetting the guild leader you wish to invite in to the faction. If they accept your invitation, all members of their guild will become members of your faction.
    If at any point you begin to feel the responsibility of leadership becoming too much to handle, or you just are tired of your fellow faction members, you can dissolve your faction by saying “I wish to disband my faction” - at which point you will receive a small gump asking you if you're sure.

    Being a Faction Leader

    As a faction leader it is your responsibility to assign a finance minister and sheriff to manage your faction's economic and military needs. It is also your resposibility to distribute taxes and war credits between the two as you see fit. As a faction leader you may also upgrade your faction's military and economy.* You can accomplish all of this by saying “I wish to manage my post” within a region under your faction's control.

    *Upgrades affect the amount of vendors and guards a faction may have at any one time. They also affect the capabilities of guards, and the discounts faction members receive.

    Capturing Sigils and Faction Warfare

    At the center of faction warfare is the Sigillum, or Sigil – the physical representation of control. Only by capturing these can a faction take control of a region or city. To do so a faction member with a grandmaster level of stealing must get within one tile of the sigil and double click it. Once captured, the thief must maintain possession of the sigil, within the confine of the region, for predetermined amount of time based on each sigil. Controlling faction members may return sigils to their home location by killing the thief and double clicking the sigil.

    After capturing a sigil, your faction will receive tax revenue every six hours, based on the size of the region controlled and properties of the sigil.

    During the process of capturing and defending, fighting is likely to occur between opposing factions. Upon defeating an opponent in battle, the victorious player will receive a 'kill point' – and if the defeated player's point deficit is three or less, the victor will be awarded 'an honorable kill', winning 'war credits' for both themselves and their faction's treasury. Players may view these 'kill points' by saying “akos” in-game. These points also directly affect a player's rank, which can be viewed by placing your cursor over the player.

    Vendors, Guards, and Traps

    Instrumental in the defense of a sigil once captured, the sheriff's responsibility is the placement of guards in strategic positions. To do this as Sheriff, speak the words “I wish to manage my post” within a region your faction controls. Doing so as Sheriff will display the Guard Interface gump. The number of guards a sheriff may place is determined by the number of sigils under a factions control and the level of their military.

    Vendors also aid in maintaining control of a region by providing discounted goods to members and by providing goods colored to represent your faction's primary and seconday color. As Finance Minister one can place vendors through the Vendor Interface which can be accessed by saying “I wish to manage my post” within a region you control.

    Traps also play a vital role in passively defending a territory. Traps can be crafted by a grandmaster tinker using a 'faction trap kit' which can be purchased from an engineer. Most components required to create traps can also be purchased from the faction engineer. To place a trap once crafted, double click it while in your backpack. These traps can not be hidden, and may be dismantled by an opposing faction member with a grandmaster level of disarming traps. Attempts to disarm a trap without proper skill may trigger it.

    Staff Information

    The faction admin interface allows you to view and interact with factions that have been formed by players. This interface also allows you to control the maximum number of alliances in real time. The interface can be accessed by an administrator by using the command [factions.

    What gives this system its flexibility and potential is the ability to create regions of control at whim, in real-time. Coupled with the capacity to affect the tax revenue a region produces and determine the length of time required the capture the sigil, these regions allow staff members to compensate for economic and size disparity that would exist between something like a large rural farm, and a small, densely-populated castle.

    First, as a staff member you must add a 'sigillum' ([add sigillum). Once you have done that, and have determined where you'd like the sigil to rest, double click it. This will determine the sigil's home location. Next, double click this sigil again, while at its home location. You will be prompted to select a bounding box. This bounding box will define the sigil's region. The next step is to view the properties of the sigil with the properties command ([props). In these properties you will notice three key values. The first being the name of the region the sigil controls. The second being priority. This value is a factor in the value each region produces in taxes. The third value is Resistance, this value represents, in minutes the hold duration required for each sigil. Both of these values can not exceed 255.

    Faction décor allows staff member to place objects with a sigil's region of control that will change colors the represent which faction currently controls that region. Each décor object posesess a 'Tier' property which determines whether or not the object hue reflects the faction's primary or secondary color. Factions décor can be added using the following syntax: ([add factiondecor 1801) where 1801 is the itemId the décor object will assume.

    adminInterface.png leaderInterface.png nameFaction.png props.png rank.png selectHue.png selectSteed.png selectTrap.png sigil.png vendorsGuards.png

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