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[full server] Ultima-Adventures, a fully customized, Open Source server based on Ultima Odyssey 1.2

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A few players of Ultima Odyssey by Djeryv have started modifying the world, adding new systems and making major modifications to the map. In order not to take over that resource, we've opted to fork the original odyssey and create Ultima Adventures. Ultima Adventures has everything included in the original Ultima Odyssey, plus more - much much more. Map changes, new content - system changes that seek to enhance the RP element of odyssey, but also make it more suited for multiplayer play with higher level content.

This resource was/is posted in servuo, however no reason why it can't be added here since the scripts are runuo 2.2 based.

Some features:
Making the world truly persistent Ultima Adventures - Community modded fork Ultima Odyssey

Resource Harvester (offline resource gathering and area control mechanic) Ultima Adventures - Community modded fork Ultima Odyssey

Soulbound playstyle - permadeath Ultima Adventures - Community modded fork Ultima Odyssey

More immersive dungeon experience Ultima Adventures - Community modded fork Ultima Odyssey

PvE Gauntlet! Ultima Adventures - Community modded fork Ultima Odyssey

Adding flavor and immersion to the game Ultima Adventures - A full featured, content packed offline/online server

**Playing this great game is better when you do it with others - anyone who is interested in playing Ultima Adventures can join our 24/7 server. Yes, you can join the server, but its highly recommended you also join the discord for chat. Note that the package here is just a copy of the server. so if you play on the server your progress will never be lost (you can just grab the package here when its updated and have all your progress offline)**

For anyone playing on the server, or even anyone playing offline, join our discord to chat with other people playing adventures!

How to install:
Extract to c:\ (no, other directories won't work)
run one of the launchers in the directory (option 1, 2, etc)
to play on server, select ultima adventures profile and create a new account.

Other Changes to the original Odyssey:
- three ways to play, restricted (easy mode), unrestricted (influence the world but with real death penalty), and soulbound (hard roguelike/ironman with permadeath but legacy elements)
- simulated pvp : encounter red pks with advanced AI and fight of flee, or join them
- a brand new land populated to cater to evil players, where npcs and shopkeeps are red and all the surrounding mobs are positive karma creatures - twisting the traditional good/evil model seen in most games.
- a new playdirector system with fully interactive plays being added for quests
- Revised map, with roads, new cities, new castles, places to build, homes to buy, champ spawns, too much to list
- Higher-end content and mobs, including new higher-end dungeons with new mechanics
- Dynamic good versus evil algorythm that encourages players to choose between good/evil playstyles
- New systems like dynamic karma/fame calculations for created mobs
- An animal borker that buys ANY tamable in the world, with some special rewards added.
- Animal levelling and animal breeding! Train your favorite pet type through multiple generations to increase its abilities to the max.
- Killable town guards! No insta-teleport kills. these blues heal using potions and bandages and act like a high end mob.. you're a thief? a necro? you can sneak around the guards or just brute force your way into a city now.
- more customisable options in the myserversettings (total skillcap, total statcap, item decay)
- customized skillgain system - reduce the amount of time you spend in a skill's low end zone (0-70) while making later gains much harder (80+)
- taming now has passive gains. Gain taming WHILE you tame, not just at success/failure
- fully customizable conversation townspersons (currently need more populating)
- full conversational vendors and npcs. as them who they are and where you are and what certain service are
- Did i mention champion spawns?
- Custom Blue and Red Mobiles that act just like other players (will heal and res you) and walk like regular players.
- No item decay, no housing limit (this is meant to be a solo server - or server played with close friends so why limit?)
- Savings system offering interest for funds in the bank (to allow for riskier investments later..)
- The Ether is now prey to a curse affecting travelling spells.. small chance of players being negatively affected when using gate/recall/sacred journey, especially between worlds.
- new animal sanctuary added where you can collect tamables from all over the lands
- full standalone lottery - visit lady luck in the tavern or type [lottery ingame
- Customized hitching posts that don't make your tames disappear! Park your mount at a post and he stays there even after server restart
- full customized PvM gauntlet system! With top scores and multiple monster waves.
- New AI, new mobs.... try it and see.

and all this on top of the content already available in the original Ultima odyssey.

note, you need to use the Saves folder included here in order to take advantage of all the changes.
I recommend you join up on the server to make sure you don't lose any progress and can benefit from all the new content.
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