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GemCraft ver 2

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Just a "slightly" updated version of my GemCraft... Still has the same gem armor & helms plus reg weapons, armor & shields (runics will add to the reg stuff a bit) & elemental that drops the crafting tools... Runics are fully functional, tweaked a few of the runic CraftAttributes to make the armor & such a little better. Elemental has a chance to drop either 2 ML gems or a 15 use GemCraft Runic Tool.... or nothing at all. ;) Default is a 1 in 32 chance of getting 1 of the 16 items... 8 gems & 8 runic tools. Made the elemental a little harder to kill. Gives your fighters something to do so that their crafters can get the ML gems without having to mine for forever... or fish through a couple blue moons to get 1 White Pearl. Reg gem craft tool (non runic) can be added to Tinkering menu. Elemental spawns in random ML gem hues. This was tested on a stock 2.3 with no errors. Hope you enjoy! Contains a text document w/ needed edits for ResourceInfo.cs
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