Nerun's Distro Revision 152

Spawning system. Premium Spawner engine. Spawn and decorate server.

  1. Revision 152

    • Updated CEO's Yet Another Arya Addon Generator to v3.0 (Hammerhand's update) for High Seas support.
    • Renamed folder "Distro for RunUO 2.5" to just "Distro".
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  2. Revision 150

    • Updated tutorials (Overseers' path).
    • Updated SpawnsOverseer's commands to be more Linux friendly.
    Revision 149
    • Updated CEO's Yet Another Arya Addon Generator to v2.5 (Hammerhand's update).
    Revision 148
    • Moved from Google Code to GitHub.
    • Added “”, for use of GitHub only.
    Revision 147
    • Code cleanups (PremiumSpawner, PremiumSpawnerGump and SpawnEditor).
    • Spawns overseer gatekeeper mode addition...
  3. Revision 146

    • Restored support for RunUO 2.3 (unfortunately some people still use it).
  4. Revision 145

    • Champion Spawn Controller: changed Item ID to a mast for more visibility (it spawn close to Felucca Britain bank).
    • Champion Spawns: added Ilshenar's Twisted Glade and Malas' Pestilence. Pending only Malas' Minotaur, not scripted by RunUO team yet.
  5. Revision 144

    • Fixed teleporters in Covetous dungeon level 3 (Lake Cave and Torture Chambers). Thanks to TestoTestov.
    • Fixed no Solen Hive's entrances. Thanks to WesleySimmers.
  6. Revision 142

  7. Revision 139

    • Updated changelog, tutorials and “read-me” instructions.
  8. Revision 138

    • RunUO 2.3 and SVN is no longer supported;
    • RunUO 2.4 renamed to RunUO 2.5;
    • Updated Joeku's Toolbar to remove need for a command prefix, will use default system prefix instead.
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  9. Revision 136

    Updated distro to work with RunUO 2.4 (Rev.135-136).
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  10. Revision 134

    • Updated RunUO SVN support to SVN 1075 (will work in SVN up to 1080).
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