Pre-AOS Craft Gump And Tool Framework 01-12-2018

Tool, Tutorial, Craft, Crafting

  1. gametec
    Hey guys this is quick and easy and I have the guys over at Kal Vas Flam server to thank!! None of this scripting is actually mine, except I commented the code and I made the name of the scripts more generic.

    This is a fully working, old school crafting tool with a pre-AOS gump! While the functionality of each category is not present, this script package will give people an idea of how to create objects that use this gump.

    I don't know, some people prefer the newer client crafting gumps because they are easier to navigate and there isn't a whole lot of scrolling. However if you are as nostalgic as I am, then this might be your best bet!

    This was worked on for testing purposes only and I thought others might want to work on it as well. This gump will work in addition to the newer craft system; all this does is add a customized gump to custom tools.
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