RunUO_v1.0 ReRelease 01-12-2018

Emulator, Server, Script

  1. gametec
    [x] DEVELOPER(S):
    gametec (I Am Not Affiliated With The RunUO Development Team)
    The RunUO Development Team

    1 .net_v2.0.0 version of the RunUO_v1.0_Final Server Emulator
    1 .net_v4.6.1 version of the RunUO_v1.0_Final Server Emulator

    This is a modified version of the official RunUO_v1.0_Final emulator release, however the original
    code has not been modified and I've not added any new code to this distribution.

    [>] I have completely wiped out the old directory structure of both the scripts folder and
    the server console to make things more organized and a lot easier to navigate.

    [>] I have rearranged some of the files to keep every mobile, object, and system together.

    [>] Nearly every mobile, object, and system now has a base script; to make these base
    scripts I had to separate some of the original code, which I felt didn't belong in the scripts
    they were originally coded into, and make new files.

    [>] Unlike previous rereleases of this emulator, I have now added the Visual Studio 2013
    source code. This can be found in the following directory: Data/Source/VisualStudio_v2013

    [>] Included in the Visual Studio solution is a compilable source for the latest zlib.dll. This
    was added in case you want to modify it.

    [>] A copy of the GNU General Public License, version 2 license has also been included
    with this rerelease. This application has one active link that will take you to the official website
    where you can read up on the server license.

    [Step: 01]
    Choose a local hard drive where you will host your new server or go to your preferred
    dedicated server on the web and upload your new server.

    [Step: 02]
    Make sure your Port Forwarding and/ or Virtual Server (these settings do the same thing with
    different names on varying routers) information has been entered.

    If you don't already use an IP mask then I would suggest going to and
    create an account to set up a dynamic DNS.

    You're going to need this information for Step: 03...

    [Step: 03]
    Go to the following directory: Scripts/Connection and edit these two files:
    ServerList.cs, DataPath.cs

    [Step: 04]
    If you are still having issues connecting, make sure that both your client.exe and server.exe
    can pass through your firewall. Keep in mind that if you use an internet security suite or
    have virus protection that sometimes the software has its own firewalls and so you must set
    those up as well to allow these files to pass through.

    You should configure both TCP and UDP and give the applications the ability to both send
    and receive information for things to work smooth. Do NOT allow your computer to run DMZ,
    this will leave your server vulnerable to cyber attacks.

    This server rerelease has been tested with client version It may not be compatible
    with newer client versions 6.x.x.x and 7.x.x.x.

    This rerelease is fully supported by, and limited support can be found on due to changes in their distribution code.

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