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Server Repair Kit 0.2

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Server Repair Kit
"Its broken!" "This doesnt work!" "This is bugged!" Ever hear that from your players? This kit might be what you're looking for!

Contains 1 roll of Duct Tape (works great on players mouths), 1 tube of Super Glue (Good for glueing dropped "trash" items into players pack), 1 Bug Spray (for "bugged" items), 1 roll of Baling Wire (you supply the spit).. & 1 pet monkey named "Wrench" Well... it WOULD have had the pet monkey, but it wouldnt stay in the box...All in a beautiful greenish box you'll be proud to display.. (well maybe not PROUD, some may re-hue it or hide the box). Just deco items, set Movable = false so you can display the box without the players "borrowing" the items.
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