Squire System 1.9.7

Have your players take on their own squires to raise and develope all their own!

  1. MontegroXD
    Before I begin, a couple things I need to get out there:
    This was inspired by Xanthos' Evo System's Mercenaries. I saw those a long time ago, and loved playing with them on my server when it was a casual server. That being said, I wanted something similar that didn't involve evolving or leveling or any sort for the 'mercs' and I wanted something that felt a little more organic in the Ultima Online world.
    Credits for the inspiring code go to Xanthos, as well as parts of the Squire code which are taken from his Mercenary script, these used to be a bulk of the existing commands, however things have changed since the system's launch.
    You can find Xanthos' Evo Scripts here: http://www.runuo.com/community/threads/runuo-2-0-rc1-xanthos-evo-system.73488/

    What this is: (I'll improve this paragraph later, hasn't changed since launch)
    Squires are just basic player-like mobiles in the world which gain skills and stats the way regular players would! They can be dressed, undressed, loot bodies, eat on their own, bandage themselves, grow and develop along with you. They start as the basic Melee AI, and will switch to Archer AI if equipped with a bow and arrow. They will also always be sold Bonded (this was put in place to disallow them to be lost to my players, makes it worth the 100k). They also begin with combat skills that range between 20 and 30, and their starting stats I feel spawn in with a nice small range.

    Out of the box:
    The only way to obtain Squires is to hire them for 100k from the Squire Representative.
    Squires have a Skill Cap of 1200.0
    Squires have a Stat Cap of 300

    ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: I've discovered a server crashing bug in the system. The crash occurs when you demolish house and happens because the BaseHouse.cs attempts to convert Room Attendants into PlayerBarkeeps when demolishing. This only occurs when a Room Attendant is in the house being demolished. THERE IS A FIX, and it's a very mild one too, go into BaseHouse.cs
    IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS NOW REQUIRES A MODIFICATION TO THE SKILL FILE: Discordance.cs (packaged with the rest of the system now, see the Modified folder)
    Updated to better method suggested by RomeoV007!
    By default they are not able to be stabled, to change this find in AnimalTrainer.cs:
    Squires will not be able to consume arrows and will shoot infinite arrows by default, to change this find in BaseRanged.cs:
    On Squires Snowballs can be thrown at 1 second intervals, this isn't the same for all servers in regards to Players, so to change it to whatever your server's delay timer is...

    Questions? Comments? Concerns?
    Please reply below!

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    Version: 1.9.7
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    system actuly worked and the help with updating is great its explained and very helpful to someone still learning to script
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    so cool, testing it right now