Squire System 1.9.7

Have your players take on their own squires to raise and develope all their own!

  1. Version 1.9.7 Update

    - New Squire Variables for Close Wounds and Cleanse Fire Auto Cast pertaining to Master and Ally.
    - New Squire Variable for Team
    - New Squire Command: Check Tithing Points - has your squire tell you how many tithing points they have
    - New Squire Command: Set Team - assigns your Squire to a Squire Team allowing for better coordination and control when giving commands.
    - Squires will now Auto Cast Close Wounds on their Master given the variable is set to true
    - Squires will now Auto Cast...
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  2. Version Mini-Bug-Fixing-Update

    Alright, the bug regarding the NullReferenceException has been squashed in regards to Squires crashing the server when receiving a target when they don't have a target open on their end. Here's the rest of what's included.

    - Implemented permanent fix for server crashing bug relating to Squires receiving targets when they don't have one to receive.
    - New Squire Command: Weapon Ability - Assigns either the Primary or the Secondary
    - New Squire Command: Weapon Ability One - Assigns the...
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  3. Version Hotfix

    maybeshewill found a crash relating to Squires having Auto Close Wounds turned on, and being dead. This is because the requirements by the call OnThink are all met since Chivalry Books don't leave their inventories.

    This update includes:
    - A new Delay variable, m_ResurrectionDelay
    - A new call OnAfterResurrect to set this delay
    - Checks within the AutoCast calls in OnThink that will make sure the Squire waits for the delay, makes sure they have the mana to cast, and makes sure they have the...
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  4. Version 1.9.6 Update

    This one's a biggun!
    - Added 2 new Squire Delay Variables
    - Added 2 new Boolean Variables - AutoCastCloseWounds and AutoCastCleanseByFire
    - New Squire Command: "Tithe" - Allows a squire to Tithe Gold.
    - New Squire Command: "Meditate" - Instructs a squire to Meditate.
    - New Squire Command: "Consecrate Weapon" - Tells a Squire to use the Chivalry Skill.
    - New Squire Command: "Divine Fury" - Tells a Squire to use the Chivalry Skill.
    - New Squire Command: "Dispel Evil" - Tells a Squire to use...
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  5. Version 1.9.5 Update

    - New Squire Command: "Poison" - allows the master to have their squire apply poison to a food item, drink item, or certain bladed items.
    - New Squire Target - SquirePoisonTarget - allows squires to poison items.
    - New Training Contract - Poisoning
    - Expanded Squire Lore Gump Window downwards
    - Added Poisoning Training Contract to Thieving Instructor
    - New Titles Page: Page Three - 60 new titles available
    - Adjusted the None button on Titles Pages, and switched it with the Change Page...
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  6. Version 1.9.4 Update

    - New Squire Command "Quiver" - Acts like "Backpack" in that a Squire will attempt to open their Quiver to you.
    - New Check In OnDragDrop for Squries - Now Squires will Equip a Quiver when dropped on them, and will unequip whatever is on their back to make room.
    - Two New Additional Squire Dialog Options pertaining to Quiver Use
    - New Function - SquireQuiver - basically checks to make sure if the master is allowed to open the squire's quiver.
    - Updated Undress and Dress commands to...
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  7. Version 1.9.3 Update

    - New Squire Command: "Change Title" - allows the user to pick from a list of titles the squire is eligable for.
    - New Squire File, SquireTitle.cs, holds information regarding the new Title Gump
    - Updated Squire Care Book with new command.

    About Squire Titles:
    Out-Of-The-Box I've compiled a list of 120(Technically +) titles for use with Squires. 22 of which pertain to simply Skills themselves and become available after 30 of each skill (excluding evaluate intelligence because that gives...
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  8. Version 1.9.2 Update

    The second update where I slowly add new functions while tightening existing functions of the system based on feedback! I need more ideas! If you have functions you'd like tightened up, or things you'd like corrected or set a different way in the system, let me know and I'll consider it!

    Here's the changelog!

    - New Squire Variable - Auto Use Spirit Speak
    - New Squire Variable - Auto Rez Master
    - New Squire Variable - Auto Rez Ally
    - New Squire Command - "spirit speak" - Tells your...
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  9. Version 1.9.1 Update

    My goal for the next set of updates is to tighten up our current functions while slowly adding new stuff in (since I'm also working on Spells, which take a lot of tweaking, and are in no way ready to be added) so if you have any suggestions on things that exist currently and ways you would like them sort of tightened up, please speak up in Discussions and I'll read up on it.
    Here's the changelog!

    - Corrected small bug in Switches Window that based AutoUsePowerscroll's State on...
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  10. Version 1.9 Update

    - Added specific checks for BaseShield within Dress and DragDrop
    - Added Dialog for Squire Equipping a shield over a twohanded weapon
    - Squires will now refuse to loot from a player's corpse.
    - Added Dialog for Squire refusing to loot a player's corpse.
    - Added BaseShield to the Squire Arm command
    - Added Six New Squire Variables - each pertaining to three possible weapon sets, and two slots for each set.
    - New Squire Command: "Unarm" - tells your squire to put their weapons away in...
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