UO Redux & Patcher 0.4.3

Over twelve years of development, at your finger tips.

  1. Enroq
    Running now affects hunger and thirst.
    Players are no longer required to be in a thieve's guild to steal from other players.
    The Markman's bonus range increased (from 2 to 3).
    Chance to parry now affected by shield's weight.
    The Rogue ability Assassination no longer produces bonus damage on miss.
    Platemail leggings now protect feet from damage when running.
    Active weapon abilities consume Stamina, even when parried.
    Reduced the chance of passive weapon abilities, based on Anatomy.
    Non-Player Characters and Creatures now regenerate hits, stamina, and mana based on corresponding attributes.
    Weapons, armor, and shields no longer produce the affect Reflect Physical Damage.
    Runic Abilities on craft and loot modified, removed, enhanced.
    Pugilist evasion bonus now grants partial bonus to weapons.
    The Beastmaster and Summoner follower bonuses now stack.
    Summoner abilities now affect summoned daemons and fire elementals.
    Monk's dispel ability reduced (to 66% from 100%).
    Summoners may summon a maximum of four creatures at a time.
    All weapons require a minimum of 2 stamina to swing, including fists.
    Players now start with 10,000 Essence of Character.
    Spirit Speak now heals hitpoints, as per AOS.
    Players may now increase skillcaps via the Character Overview display.
    Decreasing skillcaps now returns 1/3 of the EoC spent.
    Starting Skills reduced (from 550 to 450).
    Overall Skillcap reduced to 1,000.
    Individual Statcap increased (from 140 to 150).
    Ingot weight increased (from 1 to 5 stones).
    Increased the amount of EoC generated when striking an opponent.
    Hit Lower Attack and Defend now produce results when using ItemID.
    Getting hit no longer reduces stamina.
    Weapon Life, Stamina, and Mana leech abilities now absorb 50% of damage dealt.
    Pack Instinct bonus range increased (from 1 to 3).
    Bows now consume proper stamina on swing.
    Modifications made to stamina-loss while running.
    Warlock is no longer able to leech mana with ranged weapons.
    Stamina regeneration now increases as a player loses hitpoints.
    Increased chance of degrading equipment on death.
    Players no longer lose skillpoints on Knock Out.
    Players are now required to be on an altar to mark recall runes.
    Wooden shields no longer produce empty results on ItemID.
    Server no longer automatically restarts every 24 hours.
    Sever now saves every 30 minutes, as opposed to two hours.
    Items now take up to 28 days to decay.
    Orc Kin Masks no longer reduce karma.
    The Character Overview can now be accessed via context menu.
    Character Overview now displays Knock Out Counts.
    Character Overview no longer displays murders counts.
    Reduced speed of stamina regen with low health.
    Knock-Out Gump now displays KO's.
    Time spent unconscious now based on current KO count.
    Increased chance to degrade equipment on Knockout.
    The door knock context menu no longer appears empty.
    Running now negates stamina regeneration bonuses.
    Players must now rest after running before regaining stamina.
    Cannons now check player distance on firing.
    Minimum jump range increased to two tiles.
    Race Abilities can now be accessed via context menu.
    Players now start with 20,000 Essence of Character
    Each race now has individual stat-caps.
    Level 5 Acrobat Perk now grants +35 dexterity.
    Reduced affect of Magic resist on fire-field.
    Increased fire-field damage.
    Scrolls no longer require mana to use.
    Spells no longer require reagents to cast.
    Reagents now reduce the mana required to cast by 50%
    The Kobold race ability no longer works when targetting self.
    Ophidians, Terathans, and Liches now resist poison.
    Lowered intelligence reduction on werewolves while transformed.
    Increased EOC cost to play the Liche Race.
    Race System Overhaul: New races, new gump, new abilities.
    Weapons and shields can no longer be held by characters in non-human form.
    Each non-human race now does extra melee damage in place of weapons.
    Shapeshifters now do extra melee damage based on body assumed.
    Players now regenerate stamina when running on a mount.
    Elementals now regenerate mana much faster in water-form.
    Reduced base regeneration speed of both mana and stamina.
    Jump stamina requirement now accounts for player weight in relation to capacity.
    Ogres now suffer a -1 jump range penalty.
    Terathans now have a +1 jump range bonus.
    Elementals can now jump on water in liquid form.
    Modifications to how weight affects jumping.
    Reduced amount of weight players can carry, based on Strength.
    Reduced base follower limit to 2.
    Disguise kits now provide a name selection gump.
    Disguise kits now require the forensic evalutation skill.
    Disguised names now appear on objects tampered with (bodies, containers, doors).
    Guards now construct with proper AI_Types.
    Added OnThink() functionality to Backtrolian Guards to provide controllable response time.
    Doors now automatically close after 10 seconds when used by an NPC.
    Cannons now require the armslore skill, with a chance of miss-fire based on skill.
    Cannon base damage reduced, damage to targets near explosion increased.
    The server now displays the Packet ID of incoming connections.
    The Level 5 Acrobat perk (olympian) now provides +40 maximum stamina.
    Certain perks now cause emotes when dodging, or deflecting an attack.
    Players are no longer able to jump while mounted.
    Player bodyweight is no longer accounted for in weight carried.
    Added Medics to accompany the Backtrolian Guard.
    Added Line of Sight check to Backtrolian Guards.
    Backtrolian guards are now guards because I'm tired of writing backtrolian guards..
    Healer AI no longer heals enemy combatants.
    The server will now annoy players if they do not meet client version requirements.
    Liches may now equip staff-type weapons.
    Elementals and Liches are no longer required to eat.
    Liches are no longer required to drink.
    Elementals become thirsty faster than other races.
    NPC's capable of teaching now require copper as payment.
    Sail boat captains now accept copper as payment for travel.
    Jumping down from over a story now damages players.
    Decreased the default wait time to regain consciousness.
    Copper to Gold conversion ratio is now 1 to 1,000.
    Assassination contracts now pay out copper.
    Bank checks now cash out copper coins by default.
    Creatures now have alignments which affect who they attack.
    Creatures attacking due to alignment now appear orange to combatants.
    Adjusted Karma Ranges for each alignment to provide more 'realism'.
    Creatures will no longer attack staff, no matter alignment.
    Anything that lowers stamina now has a chance to reduce hunger and thirst levels.
    Console header text now modifiable in header.txt
    Perks now Validate Equipment on level up to instantly display stat changes.
    Reduced the height players can jump based on strength and dexterity.
    Hunger & Thirst will now reduce mana and stamina if too low.
    Running with 0 thirst or 0 hunger will now damage a player.
    Stamina lost when running now accounts for Hunger and Thirst.
    Guards will now attack creatures based upon both notoriety and alignment.
    Flying carpets may now be commanded at a range of twelve tiles.
    Lowered Individual stat-caps for Humans (now 125 in each category).
    Creatures killed outside a 32-tile radius of a player will no longer leave corpses.
    Flying Carpets will now stop once outside a 12 tile radius from its' master.
    Players now start as human and are no longer displayed the Race Gump on creation.
    Carpet Shadows no longer appear above carpets when at ground level.
    Guards now call of assistance when at low levels of health.
    Staff may now toggle whether or not they are recognized by the corpse production process.
    Pets will now refuse to attack guards out of fear.
    Corrected magery level on wizard type guards.
    Bank Boxes no longer fall to backpacks on knockout.
    Stamina lossed during combat now accounts for armor equipped.
    Fixed the Marksman Perk 'Dead Aim' - now produces proper bonus.
    Increased the speed at which players gain EoC walking, both on-foot and mounted.
    Player combat accuracy now heavily reduced when not facing an opponent.
    Creatures and Players not facing their opponents are now much easier to hit.
    Dispel field now dispels both moongates when targetting a summoned moongate.
    Reduced shapeshifter and ogre's race ability delays.
    Player Factions
    Unique Surname Registry
    Creatures no longer preform alignment checks outside a sixteen tile range of another mobile.
    Aligned creatures no longer target non-aggressors within alignment thresholds.
    Vendors now return proper amounts when converting currency.
    Food Decay no longer cycles when players are in the process of logging-in.
    Townhouse signs now assume a more appropriate height on creation.
    Console no longer displays packet ID's of incoming clients.
    Assassination contracts now display the lowest possible contract value (60,000 copper).
    Ferry captains no longer spawn with hammers.
    Reduced the three Lich type's base damage; increased ancient lich's base health.
    Ferry captains no longer offer voyage to every port.
    Unemployed tillermen no longer accept orders from strangers.
    Races are no longer reverted back to their default bodyvalue on restart.
    Reduced the time it takes to complete a ferry trip by 33%
    Players are now invulnerable during ferry trips.
    Corrections made to formula for stamina-loss when running.
    Shoes now provide 4% energy resist (some provide more).
    Increased the base physical resistance of all metal armors.
    Reduced the base electrical resistance for all metal armors.
    Players no longer produce double emotes when speaking a language other than common.
    Leggings now effect stamina lost when running more than other equipment.
    Increased the speed at which players with low health regain stamina by 33%
    Decreased the weight of platemail arms from 15 to 12 stones.
    Stamina now begins regenerating as soon as a player stops running.
    Increased health of ettin and ogre types.
    Increased ettin's base strength and damage.
    Lowered Ogre Lord's base strength.
    Dramatically increased the health of all dragon types.
    Dragons are no longer tamable.
    Individual skillcaps can no longer be raised above 125.0 with Essence of Character.
    Skillcaps now cost 20,000 EoC per skillpoint to raise.
    Players must now be within one tile of a ferry captain to interact.
    The ferry system no longer works for players without backpacks. (/Crash)
    Sailing memberships now cost 5,000 copper.
    Players paying ferry captains with copper will now arrive at the same time as a member.
    Pets may now properly travel via ferry with their masters.
    Pets are now invulnerable during ferry travel.
    Sailing Membership cards now appear in the proper hue on the vendor's sell gump.
    Increased maximum cost of ferry trips by 100 copper.
    Players regain ability to learn meditation passively.
    Stamina loss when running now accounts for inclines.
    Base stamina lost when running reduced by 33%
    Decreased the speed at which mounts lose stamina by a fraction.
    Herding and AnimalLore now increases a player's maximum followers.
    Ferry travel time is no longer displayed.
    Ferries now use a different forumla to calculate cost.
    Steeds mounted after embarking on a ferry ride no longer remain invulnerable.
    The Marid race has replaced the elemental race.
    Increased the chance for a blow to damage armor.
    Players regain the ability to cook food via double-click.
    Reduced the speed at which players and mounts lose stamina running by 33%
    Creature teams now override creature alignments.
    Lowered karma ranges for alignment based on current creature karma levels.
    Players may now immediately take beneficial and  negative action after recovering from a knock-out.
    Upon knockout the player's screen will now appear black.
    Courageous' LOS is now working properly (at version 1.4b)
    Direction no longer effects the accuracy of opponents occupying the same tile.
    LOS Now works on the map of Backtrol.
    Modified run fatigure algorithm. (/Crash)
    Players now start with 60 in each stat (as opposed to 50).
    Lowered Terathan race's strength cap.
    Lowered the shapeshifter race's intelligence cap.
    Stamina lossed when swinging a weapon no longer accounts for all layers.
    Increased the reduction % strength provides to stamina lossed on-swing.
    Gloves now increase fist damage based on weight.
    Pugilist's concussion ability no longer occurs on miss.
    Players no longer receive partial damage when dodging.
    Modified fall-damage algorithm.
    Increased the amount of silver and copper a player starts with.
    Players now regenerate stamina more quickly when at low levels.
    Players may now have up to 4 characters per account by default.
    Characters may now be deleted after 24 hours of creation.
    Increased the speed at which mana and stamina regenerate by 10%
    Bandages now heal damage through poison but can not cure it.
    Drastically reduced the amount of time spent KO'd based on k.o count.
    Energy vortex's and bladespirits will now attack the strongest nearby opponent.
    Guards are no longer effected by alignments.
    Skill scrolls now increase skills to a maximum of 90.
    The server console now displays login/logout times.
    Tamed creatures are no longer affected by alignments.
    Increase the rate of skillgain by 33%
    Silver no longer display the name 'silver coin' with amounts greater than 1.
    Pugilist dodge ability reduced by 8%
    Added exception handling to the perk system. (/crash)
    Weapons, Armor, Shields, Clothing, and Jewelery now display properties once identified.
    Players may now have 2 accounts per IP.
    Jewelry with resistances will now have to be identified.
    All items now construct with a default state of unidentified.
    Increased the overall difficulty of identifying items.
    Players must now wait three days after creation before deleting a character.
    Increased rate of skillgain another 25%
    Players are now informed of how many seconds they will remain unconscious.
    Increased the minimum chance to gain a skill to 3%
    Skillcheck now provides gain chances based on skill level.
    Increased the chance a player has of gaining a skill upon successful use.
    Skill scrolls now provide new players with 500.0 initial skill points.
    The chance to gain in a skill under 10.0 is now 50%
    Reduced the amount of time spent knocked out by 66%
    Knockout Counts now cost 1,500 EoC to remove.
    Players now receive a 13-15 second grace period after recovering from a knockout.
    The Server now listens to multiple ports.
    Corpses are now removed upon knockout recovery if empty.
    Reduced the rate at which creatures regain health (based on strength) by 25%
    ItemID wands now work on jewelry and clothing.
    Increased the price of ItemID wands from mage vendors.
    Reduced the amount of loot found on ancient liches.
    Increased the amount of loot found on dragon-types.
    Players can now gain skills past a level of 66.7
    Players now spawn on an unused facet.
    Players may now purchase goods from Ethereals using EoC.
    Player Market temporarily disabled until further notice.
    Reduced the overall speed of skillgain by 33%
    Increased overall spelldamage based on evaluating intelligence.
    Reduced the spell damage multiplier for creatures by 50%
    Increased the priority of house regions.
    Converted town housing back to AOS style housing.
    Soul Stones no longer allow the skill reduction buttons to be clicked with a skill level of 0. (/crash)
    Soul stones no longer allow players to increase skills by 5 points at a time.
    Added exception handling to the beastmaster's regen perk. (/crash)
    Added faction null-check to Guards OnDeath method. (/crash)
    Added type-check to Locksmith kits on install/uninistall. (/crash)
    Locksmith kit now produces noise when installing or uninstalling a door lock.
    Reduced the amount of time players must wait to re-use stealth.
    Added anti-macro logic to the EOC generation method for casting spells.
    Mobiles now deactivate in unused sectors.
    Server no longer allows players to use more than 2 accounts at a time.
    Added anti-macro logic to the eoc generation method for skilluse.
    Removed stealth messages for accesslevels above player.
    Crash guard now works properly.
    Players may no longer mount hitched pets.
    Players now start with 75 in each stat.
    Players now start with an overall stat-cap of 325.
    Players now start infront of the Inn at Raivac.
    Added exception handling to anti-macro logic in EOC generation.
    Language translator now obtains text via HTTPS.
    Beastmaster stamina regen perk returns proper values.
    Ferries now check mount types when traveling by sea. (/crash)
    New Character Overview Interface.
    Players may now increase attributes from the character overview.
    Players may now increase a skill's level, as opposed to cap, in the character overview.
    Elven bows may no longer be crafted by fletchers.
    Server no longer displays a gump when saving.
    Hunger no longer affects staff members.
    The adventurer perk now has a greater chance to counter hunger & thirst.
    Stealth check no longer affect staff members.
    Staff members no longer lose stamina when running.
    Mounts ridden by staff members no longer lose stamina when running.
    Staff is no longer restricted to marking runes on altars.
    Players may no longer recall between facets.
    Knockouts no longer reduce the health of equipment in a player's backpack.
    Players will no longer automatically regain consciousness when disconnected.
    Staff/Player help chat message gump can now be closed.
    Gate travel can no longer be blocked by objects or mobiles.
    Players may no longer stack moongates.
    Server now checks for players knocked out on restart, automatically reviving them.
    Power Scrolls and part of AOS.cs from RunUO 2.5
    The Dark Father now drops random power scrolls.
    Unholy bones thrown by The Dark Father now return silver instead of gold on carve.
    Removed alpha areas from chat system's send and read message gumps.
    Improved the loot dropped by high-end monsters.
    Stamina and Mana leech now absorb 30% of damage.
    Increased the skill required for active weapon abilities by 10.
    Increased the stamina required to use active abilities based on weight.
    The character overview now allows players to increase skills past 100, based on cap.
    Integrated AOS Artifacts from RunUO 2.5
    AOS Artifacts no longer display Artifact Rarity.
    AOS Artifacts can now be purchased from "Relic Dealers" for 500,000 copper each.
    Phoenix, Mojarr, and Eryon are all now tamable.
    Removed the Phoenix's life-drain ability.
    Bosses now distribute power-scrolls instead of dropping them in loot.
    Bosses now have a chance of dropping powerscrolls for crafting skills.
    Power scroll distribution no longer depends on facet.
    Begun the process of balancing tamables, based on sub-classes.
    Recall now checks for altars at the recall destination.
    Ornament of the Magi now grants spell-damage increase instead of faster casting.
    Removed two-client per IP restriction due to VPN access conflictions.
    Necromancy and Chivalry no longer appear on powerscrolls.
    Powerscrolls no longer return localized messages.
    BaseRunicTool.ApplyAttributesTo now supports BaseClothing.
    The base bow class' resource no longer defaults to iron.
    Players now start with an over-all skillcap of 900.0
    Renamed the Relic Dealer to Runic Dealer.
    Premade runics now cost 100,000 copper.
    The Bracelet of Health now provides 20 bonus hitpoints.
    Added a range-check to the Demon Knight's bone-throw ability.
    Players may now recall into houses provided there's an altar.
    Liches may now equip wand-type weapons.
    Wooden Items no longer default as spellchanneling.
    Weapon and Armor now checks material type on-cast.
    Wooden Weapons and Shields now default with the proper craft resource (wood).
    Wooden Kite Shields are now crafted in the carpentry menu.
    Reduced the price vendors will pay for scrolls.
    Introducing: RuneScribing
    Spellbooks now display AOS properties.
    Reduced the maximum lower mana cost and spelldamage increase when runescribing.
    Armors, Jewelry, Spellbooks, Weapons, and Clothing now display regen properties.
    Inscribing runes now requires 100.0 inscribe as opposed to 120.0
    Runescribing now produces a chance of destroying the target object.
    Scribes now sell runescribing tools.
    Increased the number of powerscrolls distributed when killing Champions.
    Increased the amount of taming required to tame phoenixes.
    Corrected logic error in the recall spell.
    Eryon's must now be subdued before taming.
    Liches may now equip spellbooks.
    Jewelry may now be inscribed with runes.
    All champion type mobiles now automatically dispel summons.
    All champion type mobiles are uncalmable.
    All champion type mobiles now resist most poison.
    All champion type mobiles are now unprovokable.
    EoC OnSpeech now checks access level.
    Added Abyssmal Horror and Darknight Creeper to list of champions.
    Players with 120 or more provocation may now incite pets.
    Reduced the amount of EoC generated from speech.
    EoC generation now accounts for an item's weight when stealing.
    Reduced the amount of EOC gained when speaking.
    Added anti-macro logic to EoC gains on-speech.
    Ethereal reactions caused by failed attempts to inscribe runes now destroys the tool as well.
    Increased the price of runebooks sold by scribes.
    Increased the price of rune-scribing tools.
    Dark Father bone-throw range increased.
    Reduced the amount of runescribing points players receive based on inscription.
    Lowered the required inscription for using runescribing tools to 80.0
    Food now decays over the course of five days.
    Food suffering from high levels of rot will poison players and change colors.
    Scribes no longer sell easel and brush kits.
    Reduced attribute multipliers and caps.
    Server name now "Project: Mend"
    Weapons, Armor, Shields, Jewelry, And Clothing no longer display attributes on hover.
    Items with magical properties will now display the "Runic" property.
    Weapons, armor, shield, and clothing no longer display durability rating.
    Identified weapons no longer display slayer names, poison charges, or crafter.
    Items no longer display loot type.
    Mounts now take damage when ridden beyond 0 stamina.
    Mounts will now dismount riders at random when below 10% max stamina.
    Mounts can no longer be mounted at below 66% max health.
    Mounts can now be injured, becoming immobile, requiring veterinarian attention.
    Players with veterinary skill can now attempt to heal injuries with sewing kits.
    Attempting to heal mount injuries produces a chance to kill mounts.
    Players now start with 100 silver and 1000 copper.
    Players now start with 25 in each stat.
    Reduced the amount of EOC players start with by 10,000
    Reduced the rate at which skills gain.
    Starting skill scrolls now only provide 225 points
    Overall skillcap decreased to 800
    Starting skill scrolls skill level limitation reduced to 75.
    Overall stat cap increased to 250.
    Server name changed to "Redux"
    Changed the default hue of new-player clothes.
    Reduced the amount of imbue points players recieve based on skill when rune-scribing.
    Restored Default Felucca Towns on Public Moongates.
    Items now display attributes after being Identified.
    Overview gump now resends if not closed.
    Increasing stats via EOC now costs 100 * statvalue
    Players now start in Britain.
    Increasing skills via eoc now costs skillbase * 10.
    Fixed minor errors on the Character Overview.
    Low health no longer increases stamina regen.
    Low stamina no longer increases stamina regen.
    Character starting shoes now spawn with a Utility.RandomNeutralHue()
    Imported runuo's names.xml to /Data
    Imported runuo's signs.cfg to /Data
    Imported runuo's Decorations to /Data
    Increased res-kill protection time.
    Modified Running stamina loss formula.
    Assimilated Nerun's Distro for world-spawning
    Removed current Nerun's Distro
    Reduced starting skill limit to 50.0
    Added SignParser.cs from RunUO
    Uncommented [SignGen command
    Reduced amount bandages heal by 50%
    Bandages now require one free hand to use.
    Medic perk now allows bandages to be used with no free hands.
    Added most recent version of Nerun's Distro
    Ingots now weight 0.1 stones, as per OSI
    Added exception handling to DecorateList.Read from nerun's distro.
    Converted currency system to new metal types.
    Fixed starting skill scroll's max values.
    Decreased the amount of time spent knocked out.
    Players now regain consciousness with 90% stamina.
    Reduced time spent invulnerable after K.O to 3-5 seconds.
    Peasant females now spawn with random colored dresses.
    Mobiles now move to the next point in series when a waypoint is blocked.
    Guard weapons no longer spawn hued.
    Reverted CheckCopper/OnCopperDrop to gold.
    Vendors no longer say "copper" onteach.
    Reverted recall/mark back to uo standards.
    Added ferrets and cu sidhes as tamables.
    Dragons are now tamable and eat gold.
    Modified Felucca's ruleset.
    Cannon balls now weigh 10 stones.
    Replaced copper references in assassination contracts.
    Removed pointless constructors from skill selection scrolls.
    Fixed dragon's names.
    Packets no longer send a player's body weight.
    WeightOverloading.GetMaxWeight no longer returns Mobile.MaxWeight
    Fixed player stam regen while running.
    Reduced stamina cost for active weapon abilities based on weapon weight.
    Fixed perk overview gump - changed offset for 'active' icon.
    Added AoS and SE Decorative Artifacts.
    Added the hooded shroud of shadows.
    Added decorative broken furniture.
    Added OSI Veteran rewards.
    Added weapon engraving tool.
    Assimilated Ethereal mounts from UOForever.
    Added OSI stealable rares.
    Base weapon now supports weapon engraving.
    Removed localized messages from weapon engraving.
    Removed faction references from soul stones.
    Removed Scroll of Alacrity references from soul stones.
    Changed itemid of weapon engraving tools.
    Fixed focus cap on character creation.
    Account limit now set to 3.
    Players now start with 20,000 E.o.C
    Reduced stamina cost for running on both mount and foot.
    Reduced the chance of taking damage when running barefoot.
    Increased the amount of time spent under Res-kill protection.
    Players no longer use stamina when under res-kill protection.
    Looting non-human corpses no longer produces criminal notoriety.
    Lich-types no longer produce incorrect corpse names.
    Spinning wheels now require 10 spools of thread or yarn for each bolt of cloth.
    Bankers now display proper metal types on balance query.
    Vendors no longer say copper after purchases.
    Getting KO'd by a guard now removes criminal notoriety.
    Reduced the amount of stamina consumed when swinging weapons based on weight.
    Players are no longer required to be at max stamina to push through other mobiles.
    Logs now produce two boards per log when processed by carpenters.
    Modified base physical resistance for all shield-types.
    Corrected header on skill level gump.
    Reduced the cost of knockout counts to remove.
    Players now have increased stamina regen when under 10 stamina.
    Players under weight capacity may now walk at 0 stamina.
    Scrolls now reduce mana costs by 75%
    Players now gain EoC on every successful skillcheck and upon skillgain.
    Players now gain EoC upon increasing attributes through skillgain.
    Players now start with 25,000 EoC.
    Players now start with a 'a torn bag' filled with helpful items.
    Kindling now weigh 0.5 stones per pile.
    Every skillcheck now produces a small chance to reduce thirst and hunger levels.
    Reduced the chance of guaranteed skillgains based on skill level.
    Reduced the chance of bleeding when injured by running by 50%
    Reduced the amount glove and shoulder armor affects stamina when swinging.
    All summoned elementals now require two control slots.
    Reduced the speed at which skill use lowers hunger/thirst.
    Reduced the amount running up inclines affects stamina loss.
    Guards now check direction on-think against ordered direction.
    Liches now drop one scroll instead of two.
    Players may no longer loot guard corpses not killed by players.
    Changed description for Medic Level 5 to be more accurate.
    Peasant mobiles now seek fountains/wellbuckets onthink.
    Guards now assume ordered direction onthink if not specified.
    Replaced UOForever ethereal mounts with RunUO standards due to serialization conflicts.
    Hooded shrouds may now be double clicked to lower the hood.
    Reduced the speed at which mobiles attack.
    Increased the speed at which bandages are applied.
    Increased damage healed by bandages.
    Added Ninjitsu, Bushido, Necromancy, and Chivalry to the starting skill scroll.
    Skills selected at character creation are now honored in-game.
    Reduced the amount of provided by the mysterious scroll by 100.
    Reduced the amount of EoC gained when improving skills manually.
    Added ninjitsu skill items (smoke bomb, shuriken, etc).
    Added necromancy reagents.
    Disabled Excorcism spell until further notice.
    Runebook's default index now works properly.
    Merged Spell.cs from RunUO to accomodate necromancy, chivalry, ninjitsu and bushido.
    Reintroduced ant-type mobiles.
    Added necromancer familiars.
    Removed faction references from Ninjitsu's shadow jump.
    Added squirrels and reptalons to accommodate Ninjitsu's animal form.
    Added Talismans to accomodate Ninjitsu's animal form.
    Converted Talisman's OnRemoved to OnDelete for compatibility reasons.
    Updated all dragon armor pieces to RunUO standards.
    HellSteeds no longer deal chaos damage.
    Modified regen rates to accommodate for necromancer and ninjtsu transformations.
    Removed RunUO dueling references from necromancy's summon familiar.
    Added 'IsFamiliar' and 'IsAnimatedDead' from RunUO's basecreature.
    Necromancy Spells no longer reduce karma (as lower karma increases damage).
    Removed young, faction, and house raffle references in Chivalry's sacred journey spell.
    Removed Greater Dragon from Animate Dead's creature group.
    Added Samurai Empire Clothing, Weapons, Armor, Etc.
    Removed all Elf references from charactercreation.cs
    Removed solen quest references from ant mobiles.
    Removed all 'ConPvP' references from chivalry spells.
    Added required variables to PlayerMobile for bushido functionality.
    Added chainmail Hatsuburi.
    Replaced Base Spellbook with Runuo's.
    Added new OnRemoved/OnAdded overloads to accomodate backwards compatibility with new items.
    Removed gold drop from ant workers.
    Unicorn and Ki-rin mount abilities now function properly.
    Removed OnDeath Additions from Ki-rin and Unicorn.
    Replaced Bake Kitsune disguise functionality for compatibility.
    'Guardians' now ride frenzied ostards.
    Removed moonstone references from character creation.
    Modified loot to accommodate necromancy reagents and scrolls.
    Converted player mobile references to player in character creation due to upcast. (/crash)
    Reduced the amount of EoC players start with by 5,000.
    Removed Both AOS and PreAos Fillbox methods.
    Added new parameter to skill scroll gump to account for new point basis logic.
    Players now start with 150 verite instead of 1,000 gold and 50 verite (weight).
    Skill scrolls no longer allow players to go into the negative.
    Skill scrolls can no longer be used to lower original starting skills.
    Necromancy, Chivalry, Bushido, and Ninjitsu are now initialized with magery spells.
    Runebook serialization corrected.
    Using bandages now increases EoC.
    Reduced the amount of lumber recieved from trees.
    Weapon engraving tools now have a maximum of 2 charges.
    Changed localized messages on weapon engraving tools.
    Regenerating hitpoints now generates small amounts of EoC.
    Water pitchers and well buckets now increase thirst by 5.
    Characters no longer start with crook's in their new-player bags.
    Returned skillgain rates to RunUO standards.
    Players may now lower skills using EoC.
    Players may no longer exceed the overall skillcap using EoC.
    The mysterious scroll again allows players to alter skills not granted by.
    Increased the rate at which stamina regenerates when below 10.
    Increased the rate that stamina and mana regenerate by one second.
    Increased the hitpoint regen bonus granted by hunger levels.
    Reduced the bonus granted to mana regen by focus.
    Engraving tools now have a maximum of one charge.
    Engraving tools now require 100.0 arms lore to use.
    Ankhs no longer require valorite coins to tithe.
    Reduced the medic's chance to recover bandages.
    Lowered medic's bonus to damage healed with bandages.
    Level three medic now lowers heal time by one second.
    Medics now suffer a speed penalty when healing with hands full.
    Legionnaires now have a 20% chance to bash an opponent with shield on parry.
    Reduced Legionnaires dodge ability by 5%.
    Regen rates now check last move time to better determine if a player is running.
    Mobiles are now required to be within one tile of a waypoint before moving on.
    Staff may now generate way points on the go without manually linking.
    Players may now regenerate stamina while running, but at much lower rates.
    Vendors now pay more for runic weapons, jewelry, clothing, and armor.
    Modifed resists and weights on SE armor.
    Removed all kabuto variants
    Parry now accounts for Bushido.
    Chivalry no longer requires tithing to cast.
    Tithing now reduces mana required to cast chivalry spells.
    Seeds may no longer be planted in guarded areas.
    Planting a seed now clears a player's hands.
    Seeds now check for multis and houses.
    Craftsman perk enabled.
    Added new quality level to weapons and armor.
    Level 5 Craftsman perl now provides a 2% chance of crafting an extraordinary item.
    Divine fury now increases stamina by 10 + chivalry / 10.
    Felucca ruleset nows applies to The Lost Lands.
    Player may now only snoop other players in The Lost Lands.
    Disabled Courageous' LOS on all faccets aside from Ilshenar.
    chat button should bring up [msg gump
    Houses still say copper when placed.
    Statues don't serialize solidhue
    Stamina drop on start move
    Change town housing to use gold.
    Need item insurance.
    Investigate Dragoon's Longarm perk.
    Make field spells effect everyone, regardless of notoriety
    Ore stacks improperly - incorrect Itemid
    Reevaluate the arcanite's 5th
    Plant Bowl's Cliloc
    Address the mysterious scroll on vendors & in craft.
    Get rid of the random ecounters engine
    Mobiles should be able to guard objects.
    Need healer ai's that heal their controlling mobile & friends
    Need Mercenaries
    Liche summons have instances where they don't disapear after a certain time (restart?)
    Polymorph needs new mobiles that grant bonuses.
    Summon creature needs new, stronger summons.
    Reduce the time on bladespirt.
    Flying carpets need the wrap function.
    Flying carpets shouldn't be able to fly over black tiles.
    Tents need to check placement.
    Armslore / Gump?
    ItemID Rename Gump
    Need to change Cliloc to say cp instead of gp
    HEaler AI needs to heal players?
    Cannons need a control gump
    Languages need an overview gump
    Studded armor should allow full med.
    Need currency converting mobile.
    Need to edit cliloc on follower limit ("You have too many followers" should be "You can not control this many followers")
    Summon creature needs new, selectable summons.
    Carpets need to serialize entities
    T.B.E -
    Crash on Market Gump
    Flying carpets seem to be pushing server usage to 50% (from 5-20)
    Can't access the account class from messagepump.cs

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