Vita-Nex: Core

A dynamic extension library for RunUO, written in C#, targeting .NET Framework 4.0


    This version will likely be the final ever public release of VNc.

    This update addresses the compatibility issues with the latest RunUO and ServUO builds.

    The Updates Service has been completely removed, as has some other redundant modules and services.

    General bug fixes and improvements to all code.
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    + Removed redundant comments.

    + AttributesExtUtility future-proofing with support for "JewelAttributes" property.
    + Added IsYoung extension method for Mobile in MobileExtUtility.
    + Fixed an issue causing data corruption when reading raw bytes in SerializeExtUtility.
    + Added ReadBytes method overload to SerializeExtUtility.
    + Removed usage of Parallel Tasks from IOExtUtility.
    + Fixed an issue with Strobelantern where the timer would start with a zero interval.
    + Added explicit casting...
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  3. Vita-Nex: Core

    Vita-Nex: Core 3.0 for RunUO 2.7 and ServUO 55

    * This version is semi-compatible with old saves.
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  4. Download Update

    Updated the download url to link directly to the latest version, this link will always generate a package for the most current repository updates based on files located at

    + This version may contain significant breaking changes; mainly the renaming, addition or removal of files and classes.
    + A fresh install of VNc is recommended.

    - CFG file typo fix.
    - Major memory leak fixes.
    - Added overload for the SuperGump.Send instance method that supports type generic cast for the return value.
    - Added extension method overloads for GeoExtUtility Lerp2D/3D that accept raw X,Y,Z values.
    - Added BeginTarget extension method to MobileExtUtility to allow simple target...
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    - Added compatibility for NEWPARENT and NEWTIMERS pre-processor directives, always look to the future! (RunUO 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 compatibility)
    - Added Parallel Linq support to NotifyCommand.
    - NotifyCommand will now display the time of the message before the name of the sender.
    - Added time zone name support to ChronExtUtility.ToSimpleString format using tokens 'Z' and 'z' for optional DST correction.
    - Optimized some implementations of event subscriptions in SuperGumps.
    - Optimized...

    + This version may contain significant breaking changes; mainly the renaming, addition or removal of files and classes.
    + A fresh install of VNc is recommended.

    - Fixed file name typo in Schedules service.
    - Fixed an issue with the SuperGump double click detection.
    - Added OnClick and OnDoubleClick methods to SuperGumps.
    - Rune Codex Gump support double click action for category selection and recalling.
    - Reduced the SuperGump instance poll timer delay down to 10ms to increase accuracy for...
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    - Prevented bug in SuperGumps where default X/Y properties do not get set when running on Mono.

    - Removed created/edited dates from file headers to prevent future merge conflictions.
    - Removed all redundant references to named property 'recompile' for SuperGump.Refresh method.
    - Removed redundant GumpUtility class, useful code has been moved or reimplemented.
    - SuperGumps will now correctly distinguish buttons for GumpButtonTypes Reply and Page.
    - SuperGumps instance polling will not poll the gump instance by default, it will detect when to start and stop the timer, or it can be forced...

    - Added Chinese support to Clilocs.
    - Failed Cliloc export will now give a feedback message.
    - Fixed potential fatal exception bug in StringExtUtility.
    - Changed directory name for ExportBoundsCommand.
    - Added work-around for SkillCodex compile failure on some shard set-ups.
    - Updated LICENSE date.