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[2.2] Map Issue Tracker


What is a map issue tracker?​
Well, we are redoing the entire map right now, and its kind of a given that doing so there are going to be unforeseen map issues, so I made this script.​
How does it work?​
First you need to create one(and only one, no more) World Map Issue Tracker(Create one at your current location by typing [[WMT, yes two [['s). (I suggest creating it in Green Acres or some staff only area)​
Next you can type [MapTracker(Or [mt ) to see a list of all current map issues.​
Now how do you add issues? Stand at the location you wish to mark as an issue and type [AddMapProblem(Or [amp ) and your description of the problem, EX:​
[amp This tile is non accessible.​
:)For newbies:)
Unzip contents of MapTracker to scripts/customs/​
So your setup should look something like this:​
scripts/customs/MapTracker/files here..​


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Like the idea.
Question does the arrow on the right of the location, take you to the location?

Would 2 |> GMs be able to [amp at the same time without causing access issues?


Yes the arrow takes you to the location, and it should work fine with multiple staff trying to add locations at once(in theory)


Haven't looked at this just yet, but would it be at all possible to modify this to include the user's character/account names?


Updated Version:
This version adds a username to issues so you can see who added what issue.​
Due to my failed scripting part in the original release, this update requires manual edits and following instructions to UPDATE, if you are installing for the first time just skip the first step.​
Step 1:
Download MapTracker
Move the contents of this zip to where you originally installed the files and over write them with the files from this folder.​
Start your server.​
[Save your server​
Shut down your server.​
Step 2:
Replace the files (you just replaced with with the files from this zip file. Now you have a map tracker with names of who added issues.​


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