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Age of valor shard: source code released!


After over 5 years of running my shard I decided to call it quits to pursue other projects. Long story short, decided to release the source code. To save from updating two separate topics at two places I'll keep this short and all the details and download is here:

The main thing of interest may be my Sql storage system. The shard saves everything to a MySql database and saves in real-time. There are no world saves. It's a beast to incorporate that to an existing shard though, so it's for advanced users who don't mind fiddling around and analyzing code. It's not exactly a drop in package. I had some requests for it at one point, so here it is! Just keep in mind this package is "as is" and not exactly release quality. Hope someone can find some use out of this code. :)


Thats cool. Does the Enhanced Client work with your shard?

When I tested it did work to some extent but there was some packets that were not quite right and some things did not show up properly. It was not my priority to get it to work so I never looked to deep into it. Now I would be surprised if even the classic client worked as they've probably made packet changes since then but I'd imagine it would not be a huge deal to fix. The biggest pain in the butt is when they changed something with the map/static files though, that change is added to the shard so at least you don't have to worry about that.


Wow! Thanks for this! I can't wait to check it out. I've been pondering the usage of an sql my end goal is 10 maps (with all the fun mobiles and items that go along with it) and the RunUO save method might not be up to the task.

I'm really sorry to hear that you're getting out of the game.


Can you give a little info (and/or location) of the save system, as obviously you need the save database setup to compile.


Basically you need a SQL server with an account setup and a database with full access. (blank is fine) Then in the localconfig folder you want to edit sqlconf.txt to the proper settings. By default it's this:


So you'd want to change aovdata.loc to your sql server (can be localhost if you run it on the same machine) then the database name, then username and password.

When you start RunUO the first time, it should prompt for admin account as normal except it will save to SQL. Though when I did it I already had an established world file but it should work from a blank slate as well, pretty sure I had tested that. It will generate the tables it needs. While in the localconfig folder another file worth editing is serverlist.txt. You'll want your publicly accessible hostname and port, followed by the server name to appear in the server list. You can probably just have one line, but adding more simply adds more options to the server list. Ex: dev, test, prod. That's what I used it for mostly.