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AoS OSI-emulation shard?


I know this was everyone's least favorite era perhaps, but this was the time I started playing UO, when everyone was running Doom and there was already a split between Felucca and Trammel.

Does anyone know of any popular AoS shards that are as close to the OSI model as possible? I can't seem to find any! I've looked on various websites, JoinUO especially. There's evidently only 3, and they all have "no skillcap", which is... not my thing. x_x

I'd also love to host one, but I don't know the first thing about doing so.

Thanks for any help!


private static readonly Expansion Expansion = Expansion.AOS;

then the rest is up to you.
you can go check in the FAQ forum section to find a thred about how to make a server if you don't have it already.


Sweet, thank you! I've adjusted the script to reflect that. Works great. I'm just not sure I'm cut out to host, not prepared for the server going down or customer support or configuring everything, but I may have to do it if there are no other shards out there doing an accurate OSI representation of the era. Thank you for your help!