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[2.x] Auction board 1

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_Epila_ submitted a new resource:

Auction board (version 1) - Auction based on board

This is a simple auction system i've made some time ago.
It is board based, if you place two boards, you will have two separeted auctions.

Just drop to your scripts folder then [add auc to add the board.

I'm not developing this system anymore. Just wanted to release it to help begginers learn how to script.
It is ready to use on a production shard, but you may want to add some features. I'm not developing this script anymore

It uses the RunUO grid gump, a cool customizable gump builder...

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Good one, Epila! Fully functional. Thanks for sharing.

I've noticed that the player couldn't open the backpack (on ViewItemGump), cause it was invisible. Also, if the player logged out with the ViewItemGump opened, the bag would never be deleted. So here is a hotfix for that:

On ViewItemGump.cs find:
bag.Visible = false;
And Replace by:
bag.Z -= 10;
Timer.DelayCall(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(15), delegate { bag.Delete(); });

This will make the bag invisible for being under ground (most cases) and will force auto-delete after 15 seconds, in case player logs out without closing the gump.

I also had to remove "using Ultima;" statement on MessageLog.cs to compile it. Seems to be working fine without it.

Quick question: why did you post it under RunUO Core Mod - 2.x instead of RunUO Scripts - 2.x? It won't have the desired visibility in this category.