Britain Bank Custom Decoration

Discussion in 'Custom Script Release Archive' started by nerun, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. nerun

    nerun Sorceror

    Britain Bank Custom Decoration

    Some time ago i had posted a custom decoration for Britain bank. Somebody asked me for that file, but i had lost it, then i did a new one. The decoration is very beauty, it has a few items just in Britain Bank, and never inside, but out of the bank, and in the roof with a stair to the britain roof. If you do not like you can easy remove with a [m remove.

    Cut and paste BritainBank-Custom.cfg; you can put it inside:
    - Data/Decoration/Trammel (only Trammel) or
    - Data/Decoration/Felucca (only Felucca) or
    - Data/Decoration/Britannia (appear both maps, Trammel and Felucca)
    PS.: do not need to restart

    in game, use [decorate

    PS.: i used Pandora's Box and Nerun's StaticExporter to do this file. And sorry by the statue called "Divine Nerun..." in the bank, you can edit the file to whatever god of your shard. It is that I am a little bit megalomaniac... ;)

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  2. Raider

    Raider Wanderer

    nice script for bank but one problem tho when you say [decorate it also starts decorating world should have a diff command for this bank deco so it wont decorate world remember too lots players have custom stuff and dont always want the exact spawns just a tho if the command for this bank can be changed
  3. Sowz

    Sowz Wanderer

    Im getting this error when trying to apply the script and the server crashes :(

    System.ArgumentException: Type not found for header: 'SlidingPaperDoor 10763 (Facing=WestSN)'
       at Server.Scripts.Commands.DecorationList.Read(StreamReader ip)
       at Server.Scripts.Commands.DecorationList.ReadAll(String path)
       at Server.Scripts.Commands.Decorate.Generate(String folder, Map[] maps)
       at Server.Scripts.Commands.Decorate.Decorate_OnCommand(CommandEventArgs e)
       at Server.Commands.Handle(Mobile from, String text)
       at Server.Mobile.DoSpeech(String text, Int32[] keywords, MessageType type, Int32 hue)
       at Server.Network.PacketHandlers.UnicodeSpeech(NetState state, PacketReader pvSrc)
       at Server.Network.MessagePump.HandleReceive(NetState ns)
       at Server.Network.MessagePump.Slice()
       at Server.Core.Main(String[] args)
  4. nerun

    nerun Sorceror

    that's the problem:
    Type not found for header: 'SlidingPaperDoor 10763 (Facing=WestSN)'

    this line is not in my cfg file.

    Maybe you install my Distro, but do not install the doors files, the core search for it, but not found.
  5. Sowz

    Sowz Wanderer

    So i can install your Distro package to fix this problem ?
  6. nerun

    nerun Sorceror

    sorry i wanted to say that appear that you had installed (not intall) my distro, but forgot to install the doors file. If you not installed my distro, you can, maybe it solve the problem. Or you can just install the doors files.
  7. Crepti

    Crepti Wanderer

    Would it be possible for somebody to post a picture of what this looks like?

    It sounds good, but I don't really want to use [decorate unless it's something really good...
  8. Sowz

    Sowz Wanderer

    Got it working now :)

    Looks nice thanks Nerun ;)

    Here is a picture of the beauty !

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  9. Lucid Nagual

    Lucid Nagual Knight


    Oh nice job. I got lucky and it fit well with my other deco. Thanks Nerun.
  10. No-one

    No-one Wanderer

    great script no probs on my end ty for sharing this with us little peeps that have props doing stuff like this :p
  11. CrAckEd

    CrAckEd Wanderer

    Its ok, but I could do better. I dident know you could add deco to the world like this. I dont know why you would want to use this anyway becouse decoing is fun.

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