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    @pooka01 "You should consider the active accounts only"

    We do inactive account wipes and house drops every 6 months, we have 10k accts that have logged in within the last year

    @Vorspire, I have never said you have lack of skill, I said you were a troll and a very unreasonable person. You are by far the worse plague inflicted on this hobby that has ever happened. You have run off ALL the remaining talent that tries to post on RunUO forums. If you left, there would be dozens of people I know that would return to the community.

    Yes, a 1000 people have downloaded your old code and have determined it is trash, it was bad 10 years ago when you adopted it, and was even worse when you slapped your name on it!

    @pooka01 "I agree with your small rant about the Vita-Nex Core though, it makes sense and it's basically why i never used that in the first place."

    Yes, we all have come to the same conclusion...we tried it and it was a complete failure...having to get updated from Vorspire's website and relying on a single person, who is completely unreliable is silly

    @Vorspire "you don't understand how VNc works"

    My point exactly, no one knows how this garbage code works, and the parts we do understand make it crazy to use! I'd like to see that list of shards you say use this code! They sure are not in the top 10 of any successful shards...You used this code on your shards and they all failed!

    @Vorspire "VNc is just a pet project anyway, it will be obsolete in a few months"
    LOL, it's too funny that you finally admit that your code is "obsolete"! Anyone reading this should be very alarmed if your shard has this code...
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    I'm far from unreasonable, it's just I appear that way because I have moral standards that prevent me from treating people like you with respect.

    I don't think so, everyone went to ServUO and I'm there to help maintain it - for the better of the community.
    If I left, RunUO would get absolutely no core support updates and will officially be a completely dead project, no one would come back, they've accepted that UO isn't the last thing they want to do before they die, unlike yourself.

    That's pretty amusing considering VNc isn't even 10 years old, but nice troll. I said thousands as in plural, not 1000 - not as limited as your 1000 player goal.
    Do you even know what VNc is? You don't, I know for a fact you have no idea how to code.
    Every line of code in that project was written by myself.
    Your old buddy Insanity actually plagiarised a good portion of my work and dumped it into the ServUO core.
    Insanity, remember him? The guy that saw your worth and left before you could really fuck him over...

    That's bullshit, you obviously misread or misunderstood something, VNc has never required updates from my website, the project has always been hosted on a public repository.
    I don't expect you to understand the logistics of how a repository works, and I won't explain, because you really should know as a shard owner.
    VNc has a quirk that detected if a new version was available and notified staff that they could update if they wanted - that is a quirk that pretty much all software has, one that VNc has had removed for months.
    No one has to rely on me, the only reason that may be the case is due to lack of skills of the person installing the project - like you - with your nonexistent development experience. People just come to me because they want the best and the ones who hate me are envious - like yourself - because of one reason or another, in your case, because I turned you down! I can imagine your reaction, you aren't used to being told no, are you?

    You can't really have an opinion on what code is garbage because you can't code, you couldn't even write a simple Hello World app, so your opinion is literally worthless in this context.
    VNc is used on UO: Forever, that's certainly not a top-10 shard, is it? /wists
    I've used it in all of my projects *because* it is successful, it is highly requested and regarded by many in the community *because* it is well developed.
    Haters gonna hate, because I tell them straight.

    You know why I don't have a 1000+ player shard now?
    Because I don't want one, I'm happy working on and for multiple shards every day.
    I had a 600+ player shard back in 2001, I've been there and done it, sooner than you, I have the t-shirt ta you're still trying to get and it's already 16 years old.

    You really are completely ignorant to the world, huh? This isn't the first time I've said that. In fact, my latest release had "this will likely be the last release" in the topic, you need glasses old man!

    Oh and just to reaffirm where I stand, taking into account that no one even knows who you are., here is a selection of the daily messages I receive...

    [My Response]

    I appreciate the positive feedback and take genuine criticism into account, of which you've supplied none.
    This is why I do what I do, because people appreciate it.

    Anyway, you've managed to guide the topic back onto me with your sly and subversive manipulation skills, where were we?
    Oh yeah, talking about your lies when advertising your shard.

    Fake player count.
    Fake vote count.
    Having 800+ players online when you barely scraped 780... which I would still point out if you said 8,000+ if you only had 7,800.
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    *applauds* You're doing exactly what every shard should be doing, don't expect a ticker-tape parade.

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