Centaur Quest (RC2 & SVN)

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    Centaur Quest (RC2 & SVN)

    *waves* Just me, using my warped mind for nefarious purposes again ie: New ways to try and get players killed. lol Just a small quest... well it started out small and got a bit bigger.
    You come across a wounded Centaur tending his wounds. He tells you he was attacked by an evil creature that took his daughter. He pleads for you to rescue her. So.... off you go. You find the dastardly fiend (Bahmer) and chop him to bits. On death he yells "You'll never get her from my DeathMonger!" and the DeathMonger spawns. You need to loot Hylonome's Brush from Bahmer.(at this point I got a bit twisted) You kill the DeathMonger and it morphs into the kidnapped child Centaur Hylonome. Once she thanks you and goes back home, you return to her father and he rewards you with the Orb Of The Centaurs. On dbl click, it transforms you into a Centaur.
    One nice thing about this quest.. even tho it has 2 NPC's, 2 monsters, 2 items (3 counting the marker) and 3 gumps, it only requires 2 spawners. 1 spawner for 3 different, consecutive monsters. :D Not much, I know, but hey.. I cant do miracles ALL the time.
    Thanks go to Karmageddon & Soteric for code bits that made it work right.
    Also for TassyonT & Bujinsho for support. And now... the scripts.. such as they are..
    *Edit Forgot to add this. For the monsters, the only one needing spawned is Bahmer, DeathMonger & Hylonome all follow in the triple setup.

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