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    After having absolutely zero luck getting UO Architect to work, and getting no replies on the forums, I decided to try CentrED+ latest version.

    Now..this one I actually managed to get through the server setup where you enter details such as file locations, map width and height, etc.

    That part seems to be okay, no errors and xml file is created.

    The problem I am having is with the client side.

    When I load it up, It runs through the loading of various things, but I get two errors.

    Range Check Error

    Access Violation

    I click ok to ignore these errors and it attempts to load the client, but hangs and crashes moments later.

    I can't figure out what the problem might be, but I will now list details of my UO client files in order for those who might help to gain clarity.

    I am using a mondains legacy client version of

    I am using a custom map in place of Trammel , so map1.mul along with the statics and staidx1

    I have all of the required files in a separate folder located on the root directory of my local drive which is C:\Centred

    The first error, range check error, gets thrown when the CentrED+ client is loading TilesEntry.xml

    The next error is Access Violation, which gets thrown when the CentrED+ client tries to load Windows Forms

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

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    Having Exactly the same Problem here, did you manage to fix it?

    I had a lot of probs with version 0.7.08, now I'm using 0.7.07 with no problems at all.
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