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Community Input - Configuration Data and RunUO Setup


The input was asked for just about a year ago, and none of it implemented, so I wouldn't hold your breath.


The normal things I do whenever I set up a server are (besides things already listed)
Disable Lenient Kick
Disable Young System

Does this mean we may have a central settings file coming? ;)

how do we Disable Lenient Kick


I think this is a great idea!

I think many of the ideas mentioned are good and vital when first creating "your" server.

I would love to see a simplified way to edit/change drop rate in: TreasuresofTokuno.cs & DemonKnight.cs, etc. Or any other areas pertaining to drop rates, etc. It would be handy to change upon command (in cases of events and such) it would also eliminate the trial and error aspect, which would have saved me many hours of adjusting.

Good stuff! Thank you!