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Discussion in 'Script Support' started by Blakely, Feb 6, 2018.

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    If you guys were me, today on Feb 06 2018.

    How would you set yourself up before ever logging into your server for the first time with these goals in mind.

    *Pure Aos (including old haven and old graphics ie. no samurai on character create)
    *Future implementation of SE/ML content which would make the above graphics be fine except STILL display old haven)

    What client version would you use? I have (the last patch before old haven and SE graphics)
    Which RunUO version would you use? I currently have 2.3 final release, should I go with 2.7 unofficial?
    Which player clients would you aim to support? (as it stands now if they have anything at all 6.0 and above they will be booted from me right?)

    Pro tips? am I missing something?

    Is it just simply in both player and servers best interest to have runUO 2.7 and classic client 7.0.23 and forget old haven / deal with a few silly graphics vs amount of workload to edit/get in line?
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    In my opinion, your best bet is using 2.7 and the newer classic client.

    The reason being that the free-shard community is maybe 3,000 people these days and you have to expect that they're coming from other servers and will play others. Meaning that asking them to download a client specifically for yours is an extra step, and while it's not much effort, it will still reduce the amount of people willing to try your server.
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