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conPvP Setup explained (pic heavy)


Ok so in this tutorial I'm going to explain how to set up the conPVP system. Ill be showing how to set up a 1vs1 tournament in this tutorial.

So start from the very beginning

1. first off you need you pvp arena (image below of mine)

2. Now you need to add the tournament controller. ( type [add tourn for the list )

3. Add a "tournament registrar" and a "tournament signup item", [props both and link to the tournament controller, link the signup to the registrar as well

4. Add a "tournament bracket" (where players can reach it) and link to the tournament controller

5. Add a "ladder controller" and also a "ladder item", [props the ladder item and link to the controller

Ok this is where it gets over complicated :)

6. Add an "arena controller", double click the arena controller to setup the arena, do not forget to link the arena controller to the tournament and ladder controller (follow image below)

Link the announcer to the npc
Link the facet to the one your in (this case its felucca)
Set the "GateIn" to somewhere in the zone my char is standing (safe zone)
Set the "GateOut" somewhere inside the arena (I personally remove this once set)
Link the ladder option to the "Ladder Controller" and set name to the pvp type (in this case ill use "1 vs 1 Arena")
Set the "outside" option to where you want the players to go when exiting the arena
Link the Tournament option (at the bottom) to the tournament controller.

now to set up the arena.

click the "points" Option. This part is pretty self explanatory.

now click the arrow next to the "Arena" title and 2 more options appear.

1. Click Wall and target the middle of the arena
2. Now click zone (set start to the furthest point NW (on minimap) outside the arena.
3. Now using same method set the "End" to the furthest SE (on minimap) ouside the arena (including the safe zone)

Now double click the arena controller again and set the bound options the same as you did for the "Zone" option.

and thats it thats a 1vs1 conPVP tournament set up

What's the event controller button for, on the tournament controller >tournament button at the top? and is there a way to make gates to the arena and announcements whenever an event is created (like hybrid)?


I didn't make the script mate, but there is what I can only describe as a virtual item called an event controller, I'm guessing it has something to do with that. Players can not join the tournament unless you activate it so what ill be doing is making gates to the arenas that an inaccessible to players and simply add them when a tournament is on :)
Okay, I was just curious if that linked somehow to amusements and gates. Do you know anything about how to use the stakes container for duels? Thanks for the guide though, made it easy to figure out.


Does anyone know how to set this to "auto" restart a tournament? eg Unassisted? I keep having to click "start" on the controller to keep starting the countdown to signup starting....


When i set it up it, one of the partcipants dies and ends up in the ocean alive after the duel? what should I fix or re do?


Anyone have an answer to this? Does anyone know how to set this to "auto" restart a tournament? eg Unassisted? I keep having to click "start" on the controller to keep starting the countdown to signup starting....

Thanks in Advance