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[Custom Art] Adding new animated items


Adding New Animated Items / Using UO Fiddler/ By:Otim Pyre 3/11/2011

Foreward: When adding animated items there are three files we must edit. First off we have to add the new art to the art.mul in unused slots. Then we have to edit our tiledata.mul and set all the flags, most importantly checking the flag for animation. The Anim box at top of UO Fiddler involves wearables & gumps. We won't be discussing that here. And finally we have to edit the animdata.mul this will define the frames & speeds of our animation. For our new animation I have chosen one of mine already made. I will discuss actually creating animation from the artist aspect in another tutorial.

I am using my portal animation found in my custom art releases via sig.I will be using this to create a completely new moongate without over writing my original moongates.

1st the art.mul My animation is long! Fifteen frames! So I will find Fifteen empty slots aka UnUsed in the art.mul its easier if these frames are all together in a row. Once I find a good row I have to manually add each frame. I found a row of empty slots I want to use at 0x2379 . I have all the frames of my animation numbered 1-15.bmp in a folder called portal. Now on my first empty slot I rightclick Replace> Choosing my folder portal, I find 1.bmp I repeat this process for each frame fifteen times. Making sure I don't get them outta order. This would mess up the smoothness of my animation. Now my art is added I rightclick> Save You get a message that says "Are you sure? This will take awhile." And it would take along time if you had crap computer. The new copies of .mul Fiddler saves get sent to its program folder. Before, I edit the tiledata.mul I must install the art.mul into my directory and reload paths in Fiddler.

2nd The Tiledata.mul I want my moongate to work just like the others so I copy all the flags.
In Settings I click Save Directly on Changes Option. I do a search for my 0x2379

Then I have to add this info to each & every frame making no mistakes.
weight 255 makes it immovable

quality 29 since I have light source checked this makes the light the moon gate light source

ArticleA suppose to make it say A Portal when hovered over clicked if it was apple would use ArticleAn An Apple

Lightsource this used with quality 29 made it the moon gate light source.

Animation this lets it know to check the animdata.mul for the rest of the info

UnKnown3 < *shrugs* its on this moon gate so its gonna be on mine.
I recommend clicking on the left menu on your frames and using the arrow keys up & down to check your work.
I made a few mistakes and fixed them.

3rd The Animdata.mul This is a little tricky to understand. But, since this is new animation we have to add a starting point on the left side menu of Fiddler. I have to scroll down and find the 0x# group that starts before mine. Which is 0x237 Holiday Candle Right Click> on the holiday candle Add> and I type my Ox2379 which is my first frame. And then hit enter. It creates the new entry just below. Now the fun part.

4th on the right hand side of Fiddler in animdata.mul we have
Start Delay
Frame Delay 0 will not work 1 crazy fast the higher the slower 3 is usually just right

[a field entry box] Option for [] relative

In the field entry box I type the 0xID Numbers for each frame and click add
Once I have all 15 Frames added I set my frame delay to 1 Now at the bottom of fiddler I can hit start/stop to play the animation preview and adjust the speed to my liking. 0 will not work in game. 1 or greater.
Now Save bottom right hand side button. As always a copy of the file has been made and saved in UO Fiddlers program file. I have backedup all these files from my UO Directory and now I take these new ones in UO Fiddler program files and replace the ones in my UO Directory.

We need to edit or create scripts to use this. I have chosen to replace the Publicmoongate image with my new one.
        public PublicMoongate() : base( 0xF6C )
            Movable = false;
            Light = LightType.Circle300;
And Change the base part 0xF6Cto the first frame of your animation mine was 0x2379

And now I have to respawn all my moongates to see the new ones. Or [add publicmoongate
This animation might cause lag if there were tons of these everywhere. So probably best if it was not made castable and reserved for a special gate or publicmoongates.
Final.png Animation2.gif
And knowing is half the battle! "I can't believe I said that."


Sorry, I did not know...
how to do that when moving the mouse over the portal does not have lights?
Sorry for my English, I use a translator


Sorry, I did not know...
how to do that when moving the mouse over the portal does not have lights?
Sorry for my English, I use a translator
weight 255 makes it immovable this should also remove yellow highlight mouse over.


I dont see why you shouldnt be able too, this is a public forum after all, nothing copywriten or proprietary about anything posted around here. But it is good practice to ask, for sure.