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[Custom Gumps] Full Color Spell Icons


[BACK UP] your gumps.mul and gump.idx from your runuo directory.

[USING] UO Fiddler

[OPEN] UO Fiddler click the gumps tab.
Scroll down and [FIND] the spell icons you want to replace.
Magery Begins - 0x8C0
Necromancy Begins - 0x5000
Chivalry Begins - 0x5100
Ninjitsu Begins - 0x5300
Bushido Begins - 0x5400
Abilites Begins - 0x5200
Spellweaving Begins - 0x59D8
Mysticism? - Not Included
Gargoyle ? - Not Included

[RIGHT CLICK] on the icon you are replacing click [REPLACE]
You will then get a file selection menu [FIND] where you have my image folders and select the spell type you are working with IE: magery.
[Find the ID#] of the gump you are replacing such as create food is 0x8C0 and then replace with my 0x8C0.bmp from magery folder. [After] you've installed everything you want.
[Right click] on the gumps image screen [SAVE]. Fiddler will create a new gumps.mul and gumps.idx in your UO Fiddler folder. Then drag and drop those new files into your uo directory. In order for players to see and use the files you must distribute them. Which I offer absolute no support as it is covered to oblivion in forums I'm sure.

There are large and small Icons for Ninjitsu & Bushido both are needed