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  1. valdis Wanderer

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    Custom Mounts

    Well, after taking my fill of everyone else's scripts. I thought it was time to give some things back to everyone here...

    These are small scripts nothing earth shattering about them. But my players do enjoy them. I hope everyone else does as well

    OSI Silversteed:

    The Silversteed that comes with RUNUO isn't very good. This is a 100% on the money OSI SilverSteed.

    Rainbow Horse:

    The Rainbow horse came from my players wanting a easy way to change the color of they're pets, (I don't use UNI dye tubs) The Rainbow horse looks just like any other horse. Once tamed it's color depends on what it is feed. here is a list.

    Apple = Red
    Lime = Green
    Lemon = Yellow
    Grapes = Light purple
    Dates = Dark Purple
    Pear = Light Green
    Squash = Light Yellow
    Cantaloupe = Blazing Yellow
    Peach = Umm, Peach.
    Cocnut = White
    Banana = Greenish Yellow
    Carrot = Blaze
    Watermelon = Pink
    Gold = Returns Horse to normal color

    Colors can be add'd very easy.

    I hope everyone enjoys them as much as my players do.

    Thanks goes out to Iams for his work on the mounts as well. Thanks Bro, We miss you.


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  2. BaronVallyr Wanderer

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    about to install them right now. i like the feeding idea very cool^,^
  3. BaronVallyr Wanderer

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    'course going to go for more natural colours heh
  4. valdis Wanderer

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    Feel Free

    Sure, please feel free to change things around as you see fit.

    The colors that we used where the ones that players kept asking for.
  5. Manu Knight

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    Very nice idea, keep it up :)
  6. Sunshine Wanderer

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    I must say I really like this idea... new way of looking at it and a nice spin too thanks for sharing
  7. valdis Wanderer

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    It's got'n to the point that all the really good idea's have already been done. :D So this was the best I could come up with. lol
  8. Zyle Wanderer

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    Very cool idea, looking forward to checking it out properly when I get in from work :)
  9. otimpyre Sorceror

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    Love this

    Modding it to use my custom hues and gonna set up a taming area for these guys. Not gonna tell anyone about them just gonna put up a sign post in middle of area saying Don't feed these horses!
  10. valdis Wanderer

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    We did the same thing really on our shard. If you don't tell your players about it the only way to tell a normal horse from a rainbow horse is that the rainbow horses' name starts with a lower case h.

    Normal Horse : A Horse

    Rainbow Horse : A horse

    easy to change if you don't want people to be able to tell what one is what.
  11. Mo Khan Wanderer

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    Well, this was such a nice idea, I decided to go ahead and make an ostard and llama. All credit for this script, of course, belongs to valdis. Both have standard stats for each mobile.

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  12. ii. Sorceror

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    Well you have a slight error on line 27 you misspelled aggressor, just a slight error nothing huge. Great script though
  13. otimpyre Sorceror

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    agressor is 1.0 spelling

    aggressor is 2.0 spelling in the fightmode so to use these with 2.0 just change that one word and they all work.

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