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Discussion in 'Script Support' started by Keiseki, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Hello, I am pretty new to the community and I have had some questions on how to increase the Damage increase cap. I have searched the forums and found a few threads but most of them did not explain how to apply the changes well. I then decided I would mess around with it but I had no luck.

    * The following damage bonuses multiply damage by a factor.
    * Capped at x3 (300%).
    //double factor = 1.0;
    int percentageBonus = 0;
    I have tried editing this but it just increased the standard amount of damage.
    I am looking to have a cap of 500%. So if I were to have a cumulative bonus of lets say 400% damage increase and a dagger that did 10-11 damage it should display 40-44 not including strenth bonus. Could anyone please show me the exact line to edit so i can achieve this cap? Any help will be appriciated.


    I seem to have figured it out. If anyone is interested in changing the AOS attribute weapon damge cap it can be found in BaseWeapon.cs
    #region Modifiers
                * The following are damage modifiers whose effect shows on the status bar.
                * Capped at 100% total.
                int damageBonus = AosAttributes.GetValue( attacker, AosAttribute.WeaponDamage );
                // Horrific Beast transformation gives a +25% bonus to damage.
                if( TransformationSpellHelper.UnderTransformation( attacker, typeof( HorrificBeastSpell ) ) )
                    damageBonus += 25;
                // Divine Fury gives a +10% bonus to damage.
                if ( Spells.Chivalry.DivineFurySpell.UnderEffect( attacker ) )
                    damageBonus += 10;
                int defenseMasteryMalus = 0;
                // Defense Mastery gives a -50%/-80% malus to damage.
                if ( Server.Items.DefenseMastery.GetMalus( attacker, ref defenseMasteryMalus ) )
                    damageBonus -= defenseMasteryMalus;
                int discordanceEffect = 0;
                // Discordance gives a -2%/-48% malus to damage.
                if ( SkillHandlers.Discordance.GetEffect( attacker, ref discordanceEffect ) )
                    damageBonus -= discordanceEffect * 2;
                if ( damageBonus > 100 )     [B]//Change this to what you like//[/B]
                    damageBonus = 100;       [B]//Change this to what you like//[/B]
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    which part do you change though?? thepart all the way to the bottom? and if so, do the numbers have to be the same?
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    if ( damageBonus > 100 ) //Change this to what you like// damageBonus = 100; //Change this to what you like//

    Yes they should be the same.

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