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[Download]Uo Brazilian Reborn Mount Patch Beta

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ty guys for your interest in my project =]
here some screenshots:



Must have taken a lot of time and effort to rip those animations straight out of WoW (not being sarcastic, lol) - Though they wouldn't have come with shadows, you seem to have nailed them properly.
Hope Blizz don't find this post, it's extremely unlikely they will anyway lol.
Can't wait to see the final result, I'll be wanting a copy when it's all fully complete :)


The graphics and animations for the download are really nice- perfect in game
Thank you again for sharing these :)


These are incredible! I truly can't wait until you release this!!

That's been one of the shortcomings of this community (free uo shards as a whole). We have endless scripts (with sufficient supporters), ample supplies of item and gump graphics, a good supply of uo architect buildings, a fair collection of custom maps, but VERY FEW mobile animations. And we all pretty much use the same animations that are out there. I think these will breathe some life into the community.

Thanks for all you've done!



THANKS to my friend soulsoul666.
Can't wait for official version!
Great job ;)

edit: works perfectly on client
Not open for further replies.