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    Sadly being that is why they hate me. Yeah why they'd gate me behind the slate see because they think there's no fate.. but it's faith that I state and they are not the judge or the great so I laugh at the stake kind of burns but it taste like the truth so make no attempts to escape.

    Could literally do this all day yeah words I might spray from the bed that I lay because they think that I'm cray but with this they can't play, this level the ray..

    Literally have no control this shit just the go some call it the flow but don't think that they know the place that we row are the waters they sew while they ask of the glow don't think they expose more than fake for the dough.

    I literally can't stop, not until drop yeah straight from the mop, ain't playin - it's thought, have to slow down when I'm not rhyming the plot hope now they might spot we coming for top, yeah effort it's not
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