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    Did you know that,

    80 years ago, the famous airship Hindenburg arrives in Lakehurst, New Jersey at the Naval air station to perform it's landing. It suddenly catches fire and fully burned down within a minute of the start. 36 people died in this incident. Many hypothesis has been put forward for causes, like a static spark, sabotage, lightning, engine failure, etc...

    The sabotage part led to a lot of different opinion, many people have been accused but no solid evidences defends any of these scenario.

    10 years ago, Mythbusters did a show on the Hindenburg disaster trying a few reasons for the disaster but did not reach conclusive results. Good show tho.

    History, needs never be forgotten!
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    Yo, let's build a balloon filled with with hydrogen, cover it in thermite, and fill that bitch up with people.

    It's the future of air travel. I'm telling you.
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