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    Did you know that,

    25 years ago, the maiden flight of the space shuttle Endeavour occurs with mission STS-49. The goal of that mission was to retrieve a satellite that was not launched properly and relaunch it. The mission was a success. Edneavour would stay in service until 2011 and perform 25 missions until it's well deserved retirement.

    History, needs never be forgotten!
  2. Enroq

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    I always wondered why people were so adamant about the moon landing being a hoax when there's 4,000 fucking satellites over their head.
  3. Vorspire

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    Think that's bad, try reasoning with flattards...
  4. Enroq

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    I'm not here to reason with the unreasonable.

    I'm here to provoke them.

    Yeah hope they attack,
    only time I'm allowed to combat,
    From pavenment to mat,
    might lay you out flat,
    because you only free in a trap.

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