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Father Time's animation locator 1.0

Father Time's animation locator 1.0

Good evening all:

I was working on a project and wanted to use mobile animation's. I realized that I ran into the same problem that I always run into any time I try to use animations. I had no idea what animation int would result in which animation, so I would sit there increasing the number by 1 and recompiling each time till I found the correct animation. It dawned onto me that it would be helpful to make a little tool to help assist administrators locate mobile animations. So I introduce to you the animation locator. This is a simple little script that allows you to find any mobiles animations in game via a simple yet feature rich gump. this script offers the following:

- Text entry to enter in the exact animation number you wish to view.
- The ability to chose what mobile will display the animation. simple click the target button, and target any mobile.
- increase / decrease button, to browse animations.
- overhead animation number display for easy animation identification.
- self refreshing gump for easy animation identification.
- Single animation play for viewing specific animations.
- Cycle feature. When activated the animation locator will cycle through animations 1 at a time every 5 seconds, starting from the number you specify in the text entry. Click the cycle button again to stop the cycle process.

This item also has a saftey feature in case it falls into the wrong hands. If any playermobile with less that game master access tries to use the item, they will be sent the message "Shame on you, how did you get this!" and the item will auto delete.

This script is not intended for production shards. it was designed to assist scripters design more visually stimulating scripts. It was a quick through together for myself that I felt the community could benifit from, so it has had little testing. I doubt there is any potential for problems, but I still recommend only using this on test servers.

None as of the writing of this post.

Drop AnimationLocator.cs into any directory inside your /scripts/. Restart your server and your done.

Current version:
version number 1.0

Below is an imagine displaying the animation identifier, it's gump, and how it function's. I decided to make it a physical item and not just a gump so it could remember what animation number it last played, and what mobile it was demonstrating it on. Comments, suggestions, and of coarse karma are always welcomed :D Enjoy all!


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Joeku;635571 said:
Nice idea! Thanks a lot man :D

FatherTime.Karma += 55;

Thank you kindly Joeku, Im glad you like the concept. It just struct me that the way I was doing it was soo insanely time consuming that there must be a better way, and there is!

Nott32;635594 said:
Thank you for this script, it will save me and hundreds of other people hours of work.

Your welcome Nott32. Im glad you and other's will be able to find use for it. within a few minutes of making it I managed to fix like 10 animation problems I had been having in the past ( not problem's, more just procrastinating cause I didnt want to find the right animation ).

I found it so useful I felt It was my duty to share :D Sadly someone felt the need to give me negitive karma for this post *sigh*. Why is it that the people who just like to grief other never leave their name? is it shame or is it just the lack of effort? Oh well...

Thank you both again for your kind words...


WOW! What an awesome idea. Now I don't have to go through Inside UO one by one which the number was off by one.
This is a real time saver.

Thanks vermillion2083 for sharing this with the RunUO community.

If I may ask, how do you give karma to someone?
mordero;635670 said:
very nice!! definately a pain to have to do it the old way
++karma :)

Yea I know what you mean. I figured when I posted this that alot of people would have likely already made little tools like this for themselves, but its good to see that they haven't and people are actually getting use out of it. Thank you greatly for the karma, its appriciated.

inovermyhead;636108 said:
WOW! What an awesome idea. Now I don't have to go through Inside UO one by one which the number was off by one.
This is a real time saver.

Thanks vermillion2083 for sharing this with the RunUO community.

If I may ask, how do you give karma to someone?

Yea I feel your pain. I was so tired of the endless compile time due to that little 1 animation offset. this is a clear and simple way to find the exact animation you desire.

And to leave someone karma, on the top of everyones post is a blue square button on the right side that says "Karma" on it. if you click this it will allow you to add/subtract karma from the user.

Im excited to see people happy about this script, it makes it all worth while for me.


Who negs for SHARING a script?? *Sighs* anyways I would Karma if I could but I have given you too much it says :p