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Forum deconstruction complete, UOGamers has moved!


RunUO Founder
Staff member
As you may be aware I've made the decision, with what I believe to be what's best for the community in mind to split RunUO and UOGamers back into two separate sites. While this decision wasn't easy for me and I felt these communities which had so much in common would be a perfect match for each other, I have discovered quite the opposite. While the overall goals are similar the net effect is the people are just vastly different who participate in these communities.

The UOGamers forums can now be found at and I expect them to open up later tonight for operation. Your usernames and passwords will continue to work at both sites as well as into the future. We will also be revamping the Role Players Ring in an effort to revitalize it and share it's userbase with I apologize for the neglect the RPRing has suffered.

Thank you for your patience during the migration, there's still much work to do but at least the bulk is completed.



Will the be revamped as well with all the recent changes that have been going on?
It really couldn't be any easier...

There's a link in the original post to the forums and it goes out to the new forums... there's also a link on

Yeah just after posting i found the link, and ive now bookmarked it. I guess i need to open my eyes a little in the future