Gold not being one stack pile on corpses...

Discussion in 'Server Support on Windows' started by sedenko1343, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. sedenko1343

    sedenko1343 Wanderer

    Anyone know of a reason why gold isn't stacking on certain monsters? For instance drakes are dropping 2 piles of gold instead of one. Couple other monsters are doing the same also.
  2. Hammerhand

    Hammerhand Knight

    I know of 2 instances of that happening. Either in a party with another player or the gold amount is over 60k.
  3. m309

    m309 Sorceror

    Does it not stack when you drag/drop those two piles onto each other? If it does, then it might just be separate loot generators creating multiple drops on the corpse. Nothing to worry about really.

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