Gold Panning SVN/ 2.0/2.1?

Discussion in 'Custom Script Releases [ARCHIVE]' started by Hammerhand, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. michelle78 Squire

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    Thanks for the fixes, worked like a charm!
  2. Hammerhand Knight

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    Redid both uploads to reflect changes made to make it harder & have definite skill gains. SVN & 2.1 versions both.
  3. Criv Wanderer

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    Great scipt. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)
  4. September Sorceror

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    It's Awesome I Lovez It *runs away to pan and Get Rich ~! *
  5. svnstrms Sorceror

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    Thanks so much for the 2.1 update. Fantastic script.
  6. koluch Sorceror

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    Issue: my players reported you can fish and pan at the same time, will check this out.
  7. Antony Wanderer

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    Tell me where is this old man, and where to get pan for gold?
  8. milva Sorceror

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    If you have done the edit to SB Miner as mentioned, then you buy the gold pan from any
    Npc Miner- to add the Trader [add GoldNuggetTrader
  9. Antony Wanderer

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    edit to SB Miner. how to do this?
  10. Hammerhand Knight

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    Its right there, on the first page post..
    Code (text):
    Add(new GenericBuyInfo(typeof(GoldPan), 500, 20, 0x9D7, 0));
    Add that line into the BuyInfo. This has the Miner stocking 20 at 500 gold each. Just add that line in with the others, save the script & reboot your server.
  11. Warmaster Sorceror

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    Its my morning for commenting on older posts, but hey, at least this one is from this year. :) Wow, Hammerhand, this is a cool freakin' script!! Very original idea, and exceptionally well implemented. Thanks for sharing this!
  12. Chief Cowtipper Sorceror

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    I really like this one as well!
  13. jamesreg Sorceror

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    I have gone everywhere beaches, rivers everywhere and can not get it to work only say where you want to pan for and then nothing
  14. milva Sorceror

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    So your using the gold pan and clicking right next to the shoreline, in shallow water?
    Have you tried brit- what is your fishing skill at?
  15. jamesreg Sorceror

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    Fishing skill is 120 I have tried all beaches i can find, streams by brit and any other shallow appearing waters i can find Im so in love with the idea of this system I really want it to work bad. I have tried as admin and turning myself into a player nothing. what is the name of shallow water tiles i can add to test real quick
  16. Pure Insanity Sorceror

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    Try the stream near Brit Bank, it'll work as long as the system isn't changed.
  17. jamesreg Sorceror

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    I swear I have not moded the program in any way the stream is brit does not work for me eighter I am using the runuo 2.0 repack version
  18. Lokai Knight

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    Try this in place of your existing water tiles list:

    Code (text):

            private static int[] m_WaterTiles = new int[]
                    //Land Tiles:
                    0x00A8, 0x00A9,
                    0x00AA, 0x00AB,
                    0x0136, 0x0137,
                    //Item IDs:
                    0x1797, 0x1798,
                    0x1799, 0x179A,
                    0x179B, 0x179C,
                    0x179D, 0x179E,
                    0x179F, 0x17A0,
                    0x17A1, 0x17A2,
                    0x17A3, 0x17A4,
                    0x17A5, 0x17A6,
                    0x17A7, 0x17A8,
                    0x17A9, 0x17AA,
                    0x17AB, 0x17AC,
                    0x17AD, 0x17AE,
                    0x17AF, 0x17B0,
                    0x17B1, 0x17B2,
                    //Static Item IDs:
                    0x5797, 0x5798,
                    0x5799, 0x579A,
                    0x579B, 0x579C,
                    0x579D, 0x579E,
                    0x579F, 0x57A0,
                    0x57A1, 0x57A2,
                    0x57A3, 0x57A4,
                    0x57A5, 0x57A6,
                    0x57A7, 0x57A8,
                    0x57A9, 0x57AA,
                    0x57AB, 0x57AC,
                    0x57AD, 0x57AE,
                    0x57AF, 0x57B0,
                    0x57B1, 0x57B2,
  19. jamesreg Sorceror

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    Is this in one of the gold panning scripts or another file on runuo?
  20. Lokai Knight

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    This would be in GoldPanningSystem.cs

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