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Helpful runuo shard startup guide


Helpful runuo shard startup guide

Alot of people have asked me what they should do to start learning how to build a shard. Instead of telling everyone separately, here is my advice. August 15, 2005.

First, Think. Think about everything you can with the rest of your staff and developers. Every aspect of the shard. You need: a shard style, theme, if you want custom patches, stuff like that. You will also need to find a good host for the shard. They need a good computer, and it’s suggested that it’s a dedicated one, with a high speed connection to run a shard. Read every article on

Recommended Stats

1 GHz or faster processor
512 or higher ram
20 gig or higher HD (Minimum 5 gig for shard)
High Speed internet
512 Down
256 Up, Check with your ISP about this.
Dedicated computer (Nothing else running on the machine, and no one using it)
UO Samurai Empire, or latest non beta client.

The main cause of lag for smaller servers is the upload speed of the host. This is one of the most important factors. It is recommended for most people to rent a server.

If the host is behind a router or firewall, he will need to configure it to allow access through the ports that will be used. Recommended ports opened 2593 and 2594. (Runuo and UOArchitect, from respectively.) This is a very important step. Tell the host to use . If the website cant see the server, no one can log in.

Now, the host will need to download a few things.
Microsoft .net framework 1.1
Pandora’s Box 2
Ruo Script Creator

First install the .net framework.
Then Runuo
Then Pandora’s Box 2
Then Ruo Script Creator
Then WatchUO (Runuo dir/scripts/engine/)

Now when you start Runuo, WatchUO should start as well. It’s a good tool to help you control what’s going on.

Ruo Script Creator, by Marak, will creator items and monsters, and it can help you learn to script.

You need to learn Pandora’s Box 2, its very simple and it can really help new people to learn the commands and what is possible in Runuo. You can also take the Commands / Pandora’s Box class at

Now you can start putting your theme together. Start adding custom scripts and patches and whatever else you want. Its your server.