how to move Zento or Royal City to Felucca?

Discussion in 'Custom Maps' started by Willfaith, Feb 24, 2016.

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    I have no problem to move entire regions on the same map. I use pretty well centered and fiddler but I have no idea how to move a city like Zento or royal city to felucca (map0)
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    I believe that uofiddler 6.4 has this ability....or perhaps I have the version number wrong....well, whichever is the most recent. It has the ability to move an area on one map to another map. There are a number of things to keep in mind when doing, if you don't do it correctly, you can screw up your map.

    First, make sure UOFiddler knows precisely which map....screw it, I need a screen shot.
    Replace from is the map you're copying from. It doesn't have to be in your current UO folder. It can be from anywhere.
    Map ID assumes your map files are typical. This drop down gives the option for all typical source maps. If your maps aren't typical, you need to rename the map and static files to match this or you will be copying from the wrong files. These sizes and IDs are hard coded. For example, if you are copying from a tokuno sized map with the ID of 0, this needs to be changed to 4...just for the copy process.
    Copy Map, Copy Statics. This is the option to just copy the map tiles or the static or both.
    Remove duplicates is kind of dangerous. I used to use this more but after having statics turn up gone completely, I stopped. I think it's intent was to remove errors of having the same static copied in the same spot numerous times but I don't think it works right.
    From region and To region are pretty self explanatory. You need to rectangle off the source area but just need the upper left corner of the destination. ******HERE'S where to be careful****** All numbers need to be evenly divisible by 8 because the map files are in blocks of 8. If you fail to do this, your destination map will be unreadable. I always just keep a calculator handy and pick out my source locations and find the closest numbers divisible by 8 and then do the same for the destination.

    Sorry if this is all information you already knew...I didn't know what you needed to know and figured too much was better than too little.

    Have fun mapping.
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