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i get an error


i get an error

every time i try to get into my shard, it says that it detected an encrypted client and it disconnects me

can some1 please help me fix this problem
what are you using to connect with?
what osi patch are you riunning?
what osi patch is server running?

possible soutions:
if just using UO and changing the config file to connect - use rice to modify the client or use a method below
osi patch above 5.0.65 and UOG (and below 6.0) - does not work - switch to connect UO
osi patch at 5.0.65 or lower and using connect uo - patch to 5.0.65 to 5.0.91
patches above 6.0+ and shard that is pre 6.0 patching - incompatable more than likely
using just razor - make sure encrytion removal is turned on