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I keep getting this error for my eco system


'Server.Honorcontext' does not contain a definition for 'applyPerfectionLuckBonus'

Im not sure whats wrong with it. Anyone?


Im not sure what you mean fully, could you post further details os people can try looking into your issues. :) i have laid out a few possible alternatives to what im guessing you may need help with but if they arenot/do not work for you then please post further support info.

try this:

Attributes.Luck = 200; //<<<<--------- Add the amount of luck you want to add when the item is equiped!!

This line adds luck to an item as an attribute.

or this,

private void DefineMods()
m_AttributeMod0 = new DefaultAttributeMod( AttributeName.Luck, true, 20 );
m_AttributeMod0 = new AttributeMod( StatType.Int, "WarriorCloak", 20, TimeSpan.Zero );

private void SetMods( Mobile wearer )
wearer.AddAttributeMod( m_AttributeMod0 );
wearer.AddAttributeMod( m_AttributeMod0 );
public override bool OnEquip( Mobile from )
SetMods( from );
return true;
public override void OnRemoved( object parent )
if ( parent is Mobile )
Mobile m = (Mobile)parent;
m.RemoveAttributeMod( "WarriorCloak" );
if ( m.Hits > m.HitsMax )
m.Hits = m.HitsMax;
if ( m_AttributeMod0 != null )

This should add luck to the item when it is "Equiped" then remove the luck when "Removed"
This code is Un-Tested.
Please do not quote me as im a novice scripter, im just trying to help. :) (Please Backup Existing Scripts First)