Item IDs & Hues Display

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  1. Lord_Greywolf

    Lord_Greywolf Lord

    Item IDs & Hues Display

    Thes are nice dispays for your GM's to see and use

    1st I like to thank SoulTaker for his script on "field of colors" for giving me the idea for these
    Unlike his though, no outside scripts needed and generates in like 30 seconds or so each

    These are great specialy if you have many custom items or hues, or do not want to look through Inside UO for the itemid, etc you want

    1st one is the Static List Generator
    now this takes a BIG area to use, but green Acres has lots of room to hold this
    i suggest going to the most northern edge and then the upper west corner of it for 1st one then 2nd one if wanted (see #2) go below it
    From where you you stand you need an area 200 wide (x direction heading east) by 370 down (y direction heading south)
    what it does it generates a list of items, 1 for each item id possible (of course many are not used and will show as unused tiles)
    it spaces them 2 apart in each direction
    each item says it item id number as its name

    this way you can walk through (except where the boats are at lol) and see what everything looks like, and get its number to use for either static placement or changing the looks of something, making addons, etc
    like i said - great for your GM's to see, because many do not have inside uo, etc, and probably do not know all of your custom items

    2nd item is same as the 1st, but in reverse order
    this way you can look again, and see items that migth be blocked going in the other direction :)

    3rd item is a Hue List Generator
    this one takes up a 200 x 60 area (much less lol) - again so you can walk freely through them
    it defaults to a dye tub, but in this form is not very usefull
    but all you need to do is to set its item id to what ever you want generated up - i.e. want all plate chests out there - just change its itemid to plate chest and that is what is generated
    remember many will be "black" because that color is not defined
    it starts at hue 0 and goes to 2999

    and if you want a new item id used for those on the ground - can delete & change id on the maker
    just use [area set itemid xxxx -- then just select an area emcompassing them all
    and set xxxx to the new item id

    Also does not mater its shape - you can double click on it and dye any item that hue - can not dye mobles, but that is easy to add if you want - just copy the item dyeing part and set it as an else if and change it over for mobiles

    this way GM's can see all of the custom hues, dye stuff the color they want, or dye something as a reference for when they get back to the work area
    or just write down the hue number :)
    the name of these of course is the hue number

    as always - enjoy



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  2. purplemouse91

    purplemouse91 Wanderer

    Doesnt that make for alot of item counts???? Great Idea though I like it.
  3. Lord_Greywolf

    Lord_Greywolf Lord

    yes it does, but you could freeze them if you want to cut the item count down

    but if you do it someplace only gm's go, should not cause lag though

    and you can always delete the ones out afterwads you do not want in there
    i.e. ones pandoras all ready has, or only leave the ones you have added

    But i know when my GM's go to deco, this can give them some more ideas of what to add then, that they might not normaly think of
  4. Draco van Peeble

    Draco van Peeble Sorceror

    Love the script one question on the static generator is there a way to make it go east west more instead north south? Even in green acres it bleeds into a few dungeons its so large.
  5. Lord_Greywolf

    Lord_Greywolf Lord

    if you look in the script

    there is 2 lines that are how it determines the sixe

    				for ( int x = 0; x <= 99; ++x )
    					for ( int y = 0; y <= 163; ++y )
    you can change them to:

    				for ( int x = 0; x <= 163; ++x )
    					for ( int y = 0; y <= 99; ++y )
    and it will be wider and shorter

    also if you want:

    if (cake != null) cake.MoveToWorld( new Point3D( (MX + (2* x)), (MY + (2 * y)), MZ ), map );

    change either the 2*x or the 2*y to just x or y and all of the item in that direction will be next to each other - so become solid rows or colums

    i.e. just x will me along the x axis will be a solind line - so solid rows
    y will produce solid colems instead

    that will make it 1/2 as long or 1/2 as wide

    i do not suggest doing both because then in "bilding" parts, you will not be able to walk at all, because most of them block movement, so might not be able to see most then
  6. Lord_Greywolf

    Lord_Greywolf Lord

    also in the placement area on the reverse script, is a +340 - can delete that +340 paret out and the reverse starts where you are standing
    so can put "forwards" on tram and "reverse" on fell, and not worry about the spacing then
  7. Tiamat13

    Tiamat13 Sorceror

    Just a few things I noticed that you might want to look at, you should make it so the generator only gens one set and if set already generated then not to gen again, on that note you should also have it so if you double tap it again the items disappear and this will prevent double items being placed and a easy clean up. As it stands its a good script, great visual for item ids and hue #'s. It just would be safer if all the items placed were linked to generator for easy removal and security for double/triple placment of items by a rouge GM.

    P.S. If you want a hand doing what I mentioned let me know and I'll wipe of some code to help you along.
  8. Lord_Greywolf

    Lord_Greywolf Lord

    be a little hard to have it check to see if there is a set all ready
    because they are just rewardcakes set to that itemid
    and most shards have many other reward cakes out there
    they are great for making into other item (not flipple, presets are nice, etc etc)

    they are not added to a list or anything like that - that would realy add to the shard's over head, and probably could not freeze them with out causing a crash, or even delete 1 of them, etc

    and to just check for 1 item, that 1 may have ben removed or moved even

    they are all individual items, so they can be deleted, moved, etc as needed
    or even have their hues modified for testing purposes, to see what that wall would like in red, etc

    also people may want to have more than 1 set too, not sure why, unless maybe for a contest/event (1st team to move all 16k items into the big chest wins lol - never know), but some one might, and if it auto deltes 1srt, then useless to them
  9. Tiamat13

    Tiamat13 Sorceror

    Wasn't trying to be rude so you know, just trying to help futher the development of your system if you wish. I'll explain what I have in mind, see what you think.

    Making the script alittle more protected from abusive GM's, What I would do is create a new item instead of the cake and have a new property only for that item, this new property can then be used to isolate the items placed so they can be removed, kinda like a account tag, no need to have any stored lists as you can just use a collection lists and find all matching. Also this takes care of your concerns, No Over head as theres no storage lists(actually would save some if a rouge GM ever decided to go nuts double tapping the thing all over the map, imagine the damage one could do). Any item could be deleted and frozen like normal as the property isn't a factor. Also I'm sure a int bool setable buy a admin gump on the generator would allow one to set it for multipule sets if one wanted for a event.

    Anyways think it over, I'm still willing to help you with the code if you think its beyond your skill, I like the idea just thought it could use a few improvments to be dummy proof.
  10. Lord_Greywolf

    Lord_Greywolf Lord

    if a gm is going to use it to go crazy on the shard like that, they could do it in so many ways, it is riduclas, so i am not worrind about happening, that is what saves are for if need be (they can wipe entire maps in a matter of a few moments if they wanted to, or fill them with monsters or items even faster than this thing can, or even worse things)

    yes a new item could be used, instead of a reward cake, but like i said above, if some one wanted to go rogue, there are many other ways of doing it
    all it would do is add 1 more script, and would be easy for some one to modify to do that - copy the rewardcake script, rename everything, and then in a couplee of spots in there, replace rewardcake with the new items name
    yes that can make it easier to just delete them all in 1 sitting

    as for having a property that can be set via a bool to allow an other set to be put out, like i explained in a previous post, is basicaly useless
    if the bool can be set, then the GM could just set it, unless you want it set to Owner only access, then do not even need a bool then, just put in the double click method if access level < owner then do nothing, saves on having the bool

    and like i said in a previous post, to check through all 16k items, to not do it again, would be a royal pain to check on
    besides like i said, some one could have moved some of them for a display somewhere else or deleted some of them, because they wanted only part of them
    so what should it check for - if 1 of the 16k is missing? if more than so many or if even 1 exists, it should not do it?
    so unless it is done by a list, checking then is basicaly useless, because of all the different ways you might want it checked
    and then you would probably need a gump for doing it with

    This is ment to be a simple script to just place them all out there, like a display as the title says

    it is not ment to be a complex script, where you have choices for removing, certain items with ease or to clear the area with ease - there are commands for that - like wipe, area delete where what ever, etc

    if you want to write your own up, doing all the things you want, then go for it and submit it in the forums

    but if your major worry is a rouge GM, then you have a lot more to worry about than this script, there is a lot more dangerous things all ready in place in the game for them to mess with
  11. Draco van Peeble

    Draco van Peeble Sorceror

    Thanks for the fix for area, worked like a charm and fit perfect. Again love the scripts.
  12. Lord_Greywolf

    Lord_Greywolf Lord

    no problem, and you are very welcome
  13. Liacs

    Liacs Sorceror

    I am going to use this for sure! thanks so much!
  14. Soultaker

    Soultaker Sorceror

    This is soooo Cool, i gotta check this out...

    Thanks for the awesome script Lord_Greywolf
  15. m00er

    m00er Sorceror

    Awesome script, love it. Thanks :)
  16. john burns

    john burns Sorceror

    I have this script and the ultimate dye tub script. how do i get this to use the udt script to display the hues and still be able to use the dye tub to dye pc stuff for XXgold?
  17. john burns

    john burns Sorceror

    where or how do i add or adjust the script. thanks.
  18. guyjin

    guyjin Wanderer

    gotta say the scripts freakin awesome, and i have the hueroom gen and it doesnt have any problems for me. man one thing i could really use tho, if someone could make one of these kinda setups with all the body types in it. bc its a pain lookin those up...

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