Loot Monsters Table (updated)

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    I have created this list for players and scripters that wanna know about standard osi monsters and their loot type. You never will find anything like this on the web.

    NavreyNight-Eyes AosSUPER BOSS x9 (Abyss)Fame=30000
    M.InterredGrizzle AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Malas)Fame=24000
    Medusa AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Abyss)Fame=22000
    Crimson Dragon AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Trammel)(Malas)Fame=20000
    Lady Melisande AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame=18000
    Dread Horn AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Ilshenar)Fame=11500
    Travesty AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Tokuno)Fame= 8000
    ShimeringEffusion AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame= 8000
    Chief Paroxysmous AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame= 0
    Meraktus AosSUPER BOSS x5 (Malas)Fame=70000
    Slasher of Veils AosSUPER BOSS x4 + Gems x8 (Abyss)Fame=35000
    Stygian Dragon AosSUPER BOSS x4 + Gems x8 (Abyss)Fame=15000
    True harrower SUPER BOSS x2 + MEAGER (Felucca)Fame=22500
    Daemon Knight SUPER BOSS x2 (Malas)Fame=28000
    Usagrallem Ballem SUPER BOSS x2 + HighScrollsx8(Ter-Mur)Fame=28000


    Lord Oaks ULTRA RICH x5 (Ilshenar)(Felucca)Fame=22500
    Semidar ULTRA RICH x4 + FILTHY RICH (I)(F)Fame=24000
    Serado ULTRA RICH x4 +FILTHY RICH+GEMSx6(T)Fame=22500
    Rikktor ULTRA RICH x4 (Ilshenar)(Felucca)Fame=22500
    Mephitis ULTRA RICH x4 (Ilshenar)(Felucca)Fame=22500
    Abyssal Infernal ULTRA RICH x4 (Abyss)Fame=22500
    Abscess ULTRA RICH x4 (Felucca)Fame= 0
    RedDeath ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=28000
    Wyvern Renowned ULTRA RICH x3 + Gems x5 (Abyss)Fame=24000
    Putrefier ULTRA RICH x3 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame=24000
    Primeval Lich ULTRA RICH x3 + MEAGER (Abyss)Fame=22500
    Neira ULTRA RICH x3 + MEAGER (Felucca)Fame=22500
    Barracoon ULTRA RICH x3 (Felucca)Fame=22500
    Rend ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=21000
    Pyre ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=21000
    Virulent ULTRA RICH x3 (Ilshenar)Fame=21000
    Malefic ULTRA RICH x3 (Ilshenar)Fame=21000
    Master Theophilus ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=18000
    Lady Jennifyr ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=18000
    Lady Marai ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=18000
    MasterJonath ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=18000
    Coil ULTRA RICH x3 (Trammel)(Felucca)Fame= 9800
    Tangle ULTRA RICH x3 (Trammel)(Felucca)Fame= 8000
    Anlorvaglem ULTRA RICH x3 (Abyss)Fame= 8000
    Hydra ULTRA RICH x3 (Trammel)(Felucca)Fame= 0
    Reptalon AosULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame= 0
    Twaulo ULTRA RICH x2+AVERAGE+GEMS(Ilshenar)Fame=50000
    Abysmal horror ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=26000
    AbyssalAbominationULTRA RICH x2 (Felucca)Fame=26000
    Shadow knight ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=25000
    Unfrozen Mummy ULTRA RICH x2 + Parrot (T)(F)Fame=25000
    Impaler ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=24000
    Fleshrenderer ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=23000
    Darknight creeper ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=22000
    Miasma ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=21000
    Irk ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=21000
    Spite ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=21000
    Guile ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=21000
    Silvani ULTRA RICH x2 (Felucca)(Ilshenar)Fame=20000
    LadySabrix ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=18900
    LadyLissith ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=18900
    Silk ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=18900
    Swoop ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=18000
    Master Mikael ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=18000
    Sir Patrick ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=18000
    Crystal Hydra ULTRA RICH x2 (Trammel)(Felucca)Fame=17000
    Lurg ULTRA RICH x2 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame=10000
    Saliva ULTRA RICH x2 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame= 2500
    Yamandon ULTRA RICH + FILTHY RICHx2+GEMSx6(T)Fame=22000


    TormentedMinotaur FILTHY RICH x10[28 M.Items] (Malas)Fame=20000
    IlhenirTheStained FILTHY RICH x8 +Grizzled+Crimson (M)Fame=50000
    Bone daemon FILTHY RICH x8 (Malas)Fame=20000
    BlackOrder Master AosFILTHY RICH x6 (Tokuno)Fame=25000
    B.O.H.Executioner AosFILTHY RICH x6 (Tokuno)Fame=25000
    B.Order GrandMage AosFILTHY RICH x6 (Tokuno)Fame=25000
    Niporailem AosFILTHY RICH x6 (Abyss)Fame=15000
    Leviathan FILTHY RICH x5 (T)(F)(T)(I)(M)Fame=24000
    CuSidhe AosFILTHY RICH x5 (Ilshenar)Fame= 5000
    PutridUndGargoyle AosFILTHY RICH x5+MedScrolls+Gems(A)Fame= 3500
    BulbPutrification AosFILTHY RICH x5 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame= 0
    Skeletal dragon FILTHY RICH x4 + Gems x5 (I)(M)Fame=22500
    GreaterDragon FILTHY RICH x4 + Gems x8 (I)(F)Fame=22000
    Crystal L.Seeker FILTHY RICH x4 + Gems + Parrot(T)(F)Fame=17000
    BlackOrderAssasin AosFILTHY RICH x4 (Tokuno)Fame=13000
    Black Order Thief AosFILTHY RICH x4 (Tokuno)Fame=13000
    Black Order Mage AosFILTHY RICH x4 (Tokuno)Fame=13000
    Thrasher FILTHY RICH x4 (Trammel)(Felucca)Fame= 840
    Ancient Lich FILTHY RICH x3 + Med Scrolls x2 (F)Fame=23000
    Shadow Wyrm FILTHY RICH x3 + Gems x5 (Felucca)Fame=22500
    Ancient Wyrm FILTHY RICH x3 + Gems x5 (Felucca)Fame=22500
    Hiryu FILTHY RICH x3 + Gems x4 (Tokuno)Fame=18000
    Grim FILTHY RICH x3+Med/HighScrollsx2 (M)Fame=17500
    Crystal Daemon FILTHY RICH x3 (Felucca)Fame=15000
    Yomotsu Elder FILTHY RICH x3 + Gems x2 (Tokuno)Fame=12000
    Oni FILTHY RICH x3 (Tokuno)Fame=12000
    PutridUndGuardian AosFILTHY RICH x3 (Abyss)Fame= 3000
    Undead Guardian AosFILTHY RICH x3 (Abyss)Fame= 0
    Balron Daemon FILTHY RICH x2 +RICH+MedScrollsx2(F)Fame=24000
    White Wyrm FILTHY RICH x2 + AVERAGE + Gems (F)Fame=18000
    Succubus FILTHY RICH x2 + Med Scrollsx2(I)(F)Fame=24000
    Sphinx FILTHY RICH x2 + Med Scrollsx2(F)(T)Fame=15000
    Meer Eternal FILTHY RICH x2+Med/High Scrollsx2(I)Fame=18000
    Gnaw FILTHY RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=17500
    Crystal Vortex FILTHY RICH x2 + Parrot (Felucca)Fame=17000
    Serpentine Dragon FILTHY RICH x2 + Gems x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=15000
    Dragon FILTHY RICH x2 + Gems x8 (Ilshenar)Fame=15000
    HarrowerTentacles FILTHY RICH x2+Med/HighScrollsx3(F.)Fame=15000
    Rune Beetle FILTHY RICH x2+MedScrolls x1(Tokuno)Fame=15000
    Khaldun Knight FILTHY RICH x2 (Felucca)Fame=10000
    Khaldun Summoner FILTHY RICH x2 (Felucca)Fame=10000
    Devourer Renowned FILTHY RICH x2 (Abyss)Fame= 9500
    Devourer of Soul FILTHY RICH x2 (Malas)Fame= 9500
    Rotting Corpse FILTHY RICH x2 (T)(F)(T)(I)(M)Fame= 6000
    Grobu FILTHY RICH x2 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame= 1000
    Vorpal Bunny FILTHY RICH + RICH x2(T)(F)(T)(I)(M)Fame= 1000
    Orc Brute FILTHY RICH + RICH (Felucca)Fame=15000
    Phoenix FILTHY RICH + RICH (Ilshenar)Fame=15000
    Betrayer FILTHY RICH + RICH + Gems (Ilshenar)Fame=15000
    Lady Of The Snow FILTHY RICH + RICH (Tokuno)Fame=15200
    Arctic Ogre Lord FILTHY RICH + RICH (Felucca)Fame=15000
    Blood Elemental FILTHY RICH + RICH (Felucca)Fame=12500
    Poison Elemental FILTHY RICH+RICH+Med Scrollsx2(I)(F)Fame=12500
    Corporeal Brume FILTHY RICH + RICH (Felucca)Fame=12000
    Fan Dancer FILTHY RICH + RICH + Gems x2(Tokuno)Fame= 9000
    Yomotsu Priest FILTHY RICH + RICH + Gems x4(Tokuno)Fame= 9000
    Elite Ninja FILTHY RICH + RICH + Gems x2(Tokuno)Fame= 8500
    Ronin FILTHY RICH + RICH + Gems x2(Tokuno)Fame= 8500
    Bake Kitsune FILTHY RICH + RICH + MedScrollsx2(T)Fame= 8000
    Mantra Efferv.nce FILTHY RICH + RICH (Felucca)Fame= 6500
    Ice Fiend FILTHY RICH +AVERAGE+MedScrollsx2(F)Fame=18000
    Titan FILTHY RICH + AVERAGE (Felucca)Fame=11500
    Executioner FILTHY RICH + MEAGER (Felucca)Fame= 5000
    Plague Beast FILTHY RICH + Gems //TODO: Dungeon Chest + Healthy gland (Felucca)Fame=13000
    Satyr MlRICH + Med Scrolls x2 (F)(T)(I)Fame=15000
    Fairy Dragon RICH + MedScrolls, 2) (Abyss)Fame=15000
    Feral Treefellow AVERAGE + //UNKNOWN (Ilshenar)Fame=12500
    Plague Beast Lord ??? (I)(F)Fame= 2000
    Szavetra N.D. (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame=24000
    RagingGrizzlyBear N.D. (Ilshenar)Fame=10000
    Chiikkaha N.D. (Felucca)Fame= 7500
    Moug Guur N.D. (Felucca)Fame= 3000
    EnragedCreature ??? Fame= ???
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    Thank you for this. But i am not sure what this is and how to use it :D

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