Microsoft makes Visual Studio Express Free!!!

Discussion in 'RunUO Announcements' started by Ryan, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Ryan RunUO Founder

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    Microsoft makes Visual Studio Express Free!!!

    Thats right... you may or may not already know but Microsoft has decided to make Visual Studio Express FREE.

    The following links will help you get ahold of your copy:

    News Release

    Visual Studio Express Home

    Visual C# Express Download

    With all of the recent changes to RunUO and trying to foster a more community type of attitude Microsoft has even helped in a way by giving everyone a similar editor of excellent quality for free! Thanks Microsoft!
  2. CEO Sorceror

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    I simply love this editor. Believe it or not, I was a notepad person before this. I think they made this available sometime in Oct. last year, used it ever since. So much nicer, it saves alot of time with the silly "minor" errors too by identifying them before you compile. I couldn't do without it now! Highly recommended for anyone starting out with C#!
  3. AxEsLoCkEd Wanderer

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    Well i was a notepad person too but since ive started using ms visual studio 2002 i cant quit using ms studio well now i have Visual Studio 2003 Enterprise Architect and Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition Beta from on my laptop and Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition on my pc :)
  4. RavonTUS Sorceror

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    For a little scriptor like me that has been using Visual C# Express, what does Studio Express give me that might be useful?

  5. TMSTKSBK Lord

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    same thing, methinks :confused:

    w00tage for free stuffs...
  6. Arex Wanderer

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    i only can say...LOL, what u say? JAVA/J2EE plattaform have a lot of professional IDE's free since alot of time is not a new thing, Microsoft only try get market, because his plattaform is being fucked for Java/J2EE platafform.

    Furthermore, i neednt remember all things that Microsoft to do without use the standard patterns, i am a professional developer and it is frustating, all i can say is that Microsoft is a machine of make dollars, and nowadays there is a big fight between Microsoft (software monopoly) vs Sun-Linux (open source and community).
  7. TMSTKSBK Lord

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    Java must die.
  8. xX_Devious_Xx Wanderer

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    Is there a difference between these programs?? Just wondering which would be the better of the 3 to have
  9. PappaSmurf Knight

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    Yeah I've known they were free downloads for a while now...and even think I've posted the link on here once or twice or told people about it. I like the Visual Studio Express Edition for C# it really does make a lot of things easier. I'd recommend it to anyone.
  10. Ryan RunUO Founder

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    Java sucks.

    Sun Sucks.

    Linux is a great server OS and until the innovate rather than duplicate they will never gain desktop share.
  11. DaZiL Wanderer

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    REQUIRES SERVICE PACK 2?? F**k off.. That service pack screws my computers up so hard.. Even for gaming. Give your lives to microsoft! You can trust them to do everything right, can't ya?
  12. TMSTKSBK Lord

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    d00d. SP2 is your friend...

    Oh. Yah. Ryan's right -- I forgot to say -- SOLARIS IS THE WORK OF THE DEVIL.
  13. Atomic Wanderer

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    I've always defended MS while everyone cursed it. Now I have the proof I was right!
  14. Rift Wanderer

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    I've always had a thing against microsoft for long time but there recent activities in opensource and free tools and the extensive amount of help and support for the tools have lifted my respect for them a good bit. I have been using the C# express edition even before the first open beta of the express tools and the links and webcasts on using the tools and just pushing the general awareness of developing to the casual public is definatly a right direction for them.... i hope they can continue and keep the respect I have given them
  15. daat99 Moderator

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    Only if you're NOT a sys admin...
  16. TMSTKSBK Lord

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    Only if you know what you're doing...
    (that was meant in a joshing way, daat)
  17. arul Sorceror

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    Borland released professional IDE for Turbo Pascal many years before Java was even created, thus Sun sucks and only did want to get to the market ? You're riduculous.

    I fully agree that there are good IDE's for Java, some of them are maybe better than VS2005 but it doesn't mean that we should use notepad for writing .net apps.
    If Microsoft releases something for free, I will thank them, because quality of their products is always high and always fit my needs ( well ok, the intellisense in C++ sometimes seems to be UNintellisense ).
    Besides, I have never had any major problem with any MS product.

    But now, I must disagree that Java sucks and must die.
    No programming language sucks ( ok, maybe some shit like Malbolge or another artifacially stupid language ), it's only up to coders what language they want to use, it's just an instrument.

    Java isn't good for real time tasks ( Java word processors slower than typewriter are riduculous ), but it's maybe the most efficient way for long run tasks because of it's intelligent JIT compilers that performs various amazing stuff like profiling, dynamic recompiling, deep loop unrolls and so forth, which makes the code same efficient as the code written specifically for given processor and machine.
  18. Arex Wanderer

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    it is true, i only am saying that Ryan announce that Microsoft is giving a IDE free when this policy already have been stablished by Sun. Microsoft only is trying not loss more and more dev each year, nowadays Java > .NET for almost all thigngs less Real-Time app. or games.
  19. Ktulu Sorceror

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    man, c# is almost the same as java. put some more funcinalities ant take out the portability to java and you get c#.
    none is beter than the oter, they are just diferent.


    linux is just for servers. if you wnt to do some task, play a game or anything that normal people do on computers, you beter get windows, linux sucks at anithing that is not being a server or being free
  20. TMSTKSBK Lord

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