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[2.x] Nerun's Distro Revision 139

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I real belive this information can be useful for some people. If you do not want it, surely you always wants to know how accurate or close to OSI Nerun's (My) Distro is. So here goes...

  • OSI – this spawn has OSI accuracy. Accuracy is relative to the time it was added to Distro. Method is simple: myself or other people used a free or not account to connet to OSI official server.
  • UOS – UO Stratics accuracy (UO Stratics - News - Main).
  • UA – Unknow accuracy. I did not remember and/or it was made by other people.
UO Era (pre-T2A)
(OSI) This is the first release of UO game! When it comes to life, it comes just with Felucca facet and no other! Zippy have posted UO Rebirth saves. I just converted UO Rebirth spawners to PremiumSpawners (with a few edits).

I have no knowledge about these expansions, and no interest, so i will not publish these spawns, except if somebody post saves or ready-to-use spawns that i can convert to PremiumSpawners.

First of all we need to know that AOS Era has four landmasses: Felucca, Trammel, Ilshenar and Malas. So we need to spawn only that. Do not spawn Tokuno and Ter Mur. There is no custom spawn pack for AOS Era yet. You can use mainly ML Old Haven Era pack bellow. But we need to do a few changes to them, since ML made a lot of changes in Felucca and Trammel facet (example of Heartwood).

Since ML Old Haven Era spawned Felucca and Trammel in 2003, during AOS Era, and Ilshenar/Malas in 2005 (close to ML Era, but still in SE Era), we can use those spawn files as a quite accurate ones.

CLIENT: To play or run an AOS server we will need a client of version no higher than 4.0.4b2, that is the last AOS client, after it we get SE changes. I don't know if we can use another version, maybe ML setup file without patches (4.0.11d).

SE Era
I imagine the same as for AOS Era, but we need to spawn Tokuno, and ultimaIX spawn tokuno with OSI accuracy, in Dec-2004 (SE Era). So we can use ML Old Haven Era pack.

CLIENT: should be no higher than 4.0.11c (the last SE patch).

ML Era (Old Haven look)
  • It is mainly Distro v5.1.6 (12-Nov-2009) plus v5.1.9 (Heartwood) and Rev.93 (Bedlam);
  • (OSI) ML dungeon maps added in Distro v5.0.8 (Jun-2009) – Erica's Mondain's Legacy Dungeon Map v.10;
  • Trammel/Feluccaspawns were developed in AOS Era (Dec-2003 to late 2004), in that time i played in Atomic Shard:
    • (UOS at least, as I can remember) Most of classic dungeons (not the new ones), wild life and wild monsters (those not in towns or dungeons, but outdoors) was a simple conversion of Bobsmart’s XML spawns (Dec-2003);
    • (OSI) Fire and Ice dungeon updated in Distro v2.0 (very before 2005);
    • (UA) Wind dungeon spawned at Distro v4.0.9 (between late 2005, and before Apr-2006);
    • (OSI) Heartwood spawned at Distro v5.1.9 (Dec-2009);
  • (OSI) Ilshenar finished at Distro v2.9 (probably Oct-2005);
  • (OSI) Tokuno spawns were developed by UltimaIX (in Dec-2004), and added in Distro v2.9 too;
  • (OSI) Malas spawns were finished at Distro v2.3 (probably Apr-2005);
    • (UOS) Improvised Bedlam map at Rev. 93 (May-2012);

SA Era (New Haven look)
  • Mainly ML (Old Haven Era) with a lot of updates:
    • (OSI) Distro v5.1.7 (18-Nov-2007) – Britain farmlands and Haven Island;
    • (OSI) Distro v5.1.8 (24-Nov-2009) – Tokuno vendors and Fan Dancers Dojo dungeon;
    • (OSI) Distro v5.1.9 (09-Dec-2009) – Tokuno Icelands;
    • (OSI) Distro v5.2.0 (09-Jul-2009) – Britain Sewers;
    • (OSI) Distro v5.2.5 (04-Jan-2011) – Ter Mur vendors. Very beginning of Stygian Abyss support;
    • (OSI) Distro Rev. 7-10 (Jan/Fev-2011) – south Malas;
    • (UA) Distro Rev. 13 (Jun/2011) - reagents for Trammel and Felucca (simple conversion of MegaSpawner files);
    • (OSI) Distro Rev. 54 (Sep/2011) – Underworld;
    • (OSI) Distro Rev. 63 (Oct/2011) – Abyss and Ter Mur;
CLIENT: Above 6.0.0 up to

HS Era
  • Mainly SA (New Haven Era) with:
    • (OSI) Distro Rev. 28 (08-Sep-2011) – Sea market (Docktown), this is the very beginning of High Seas support.
CLIENT: From and beyond.



There is no OverSeers maps yet. So it generates no OverSeers. The engine is done, it is working, but you need a "map file" to tells the engine where to place OverSeers.

One option is to add OverSeers yourself, by hand.


[add SpawnsOverseer
- this will add an OverSeer with range 20 (square of 40 x 40).

[add SpawnsOverseer 50
- this will add an OverSeer with range 50 (square of 100 x 100).


And look at:
It is an example of OverSeer map, off course it is CFG file that works like a map.
Code (text):
SpawnsOverseer 7966
5433 1102 0
It is simple: bellow SpawnsOverseer 7966 write coordinates (x,y,z) where you want to put them.


You can write different ranges too, something like this:
Code (text):
SpawnsOverseer 7966 (Range=50)
5433 1102 0
Remember that default range is 20 if none specified.
Range is the seer's "watching range". PremiumSpawners inside it range will be watched by that seer. There is no limit to the range

You can place many seers with different ranges:
Code (text):
SpawnsOverseer 7966
5433 1102 0
1234 970 0
3456 456 0

SpawnsOverseer 7966 (Range=50)
5433 1102 0


Always use SpawnsOverseer 7966, the number is the ItemID of SpawnsOverseer item.


Use # to add comments that will not be read by [GenSeers:
Code (text):
# This is a comment
SpawnsOverseer 7966 (Range=50)
5433 1102 0

Place the CFG file in the right folder.


You can place more then one cfg inside the same folder, and don't need to have the name Overseers.cfg. Files can have any name. You can do a file "Graveyards.cfg" for all graveyards in a facet. Plus another called "Florests.cfg" for florests and open areas etc.


nerun updated Nerun's Distro with a new update entry:

Revision 133

Rev. 133 (16-Aug-2013)
  • Added Talow’s Stairs Addon. AddStairs command included in Joeku’s Toolbar for Admins and Game Masters;
  • Some other changes to Joeku’s Toolbar for Game Masters;
  • Really small fix in Spawn Maps (cosmetic). Nothing important;
  • Updated CEO's Yet Another Arya Addon Generator to version 2.0 (Hammerhand’s update).

Read the rest of this update entry...


Hi! I'm try to install your spawn pack, but failed. My version of SVN 1079. For RunUO 2.3 this spawn pack works perfect, but quest NPC is not present in world. SVN 1079 - quest givers are present and work, but world is empty... When your spawn pack be updated?
P.S. Thanks for exellent project.
P.P.S. Sorry about my english...


Strange, because quest givers appear for me in 2.3, i don't tested beyond svn1072. Which client version are you using?


Nerun, i'm remove some scripts from this compilation, and make it works, spawner work good, but when samurai empire decoration finished and starts ML decoration - server crash, so i don't get teleporters to heartwood, sanctuary, and many others from ML. I removed all scripts with errors, such as Staff Runebook, AI, Animals, Base Creature, Items, Mobiles. After that my svn started and i could to create world and spawn NPC's. Not created teleporters, signs and decoration. If i'm knew C#, may be i could fix it, but my lore ends by "to do compile from source..."


Nerun, thank's for help, i fix my problem... trouble - is me... i not correct install Distro, so it's RTFM. All work ok!


Nerun, i'm compiled merged version of SVN 2.3 and runuocustom 2.1. Trouble is next: in runuocustom already have old version of your distro. How i can replace it with new version? Catalog structure is different.


Wow, it's so painfull. Try to remove old distro from runuocustom first. Identify all files. Look if there is an ND.uuf file somewhere. It hold all Nerun's Distro installation information. You can use it to uninstall Nerun's Distro.

If there is one, download Tools - Universal Uninstaller 1.1 from my DROPBOX account (look my signature). If you run under Windows, download windows version of course, if Linux, try python version.

Follow software instructions. If there is no such file (ND.uuf)... Well... Try the first option first than ask me again.


I cant seem to get this running on 2.4

Do I need to wait for an update before I can use it. I was hoping all the spawners for NPCs/Vendors/animals/monsters/champs/farmland/artifacts where already implemented in RunUO...

Dose this spawner cover all that and will it support 2.4 anytime soon or am I just being a dunce and missing something here.


I never head about RunUO 2.4, it is official? And RunUO SVN in google? Abandoned?

I posted this about the latest Official Client ( crashing the connecting clients using RunUO 2.3 due to Quote: "Vorspire"
This has been fixed in RunUO 2.4

Client uses a new MobileIncoming packet, sending the older ones to the new client causes an instant crash.
in this thread


Not sure who dose what here anymore I used to be active on the forum in 2005/06 but Thank you to everyone for making/maintaining RunUO!


By removing the duplicated scripts and deleting some other scripts showing errors I have managed to get it working in 2.4 :) Yay me!