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Discussion in 'Script Support' started by kirionet, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. kirionet

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    Hi, i was trying to add some new minable ores.
    I just installed RunUO 2.6 and i noticed that the script are so different from the old RunUO versions...
    I tried to follow the older posts but i miss some parts...

    The big problem are some numbers that i don't know what they mean and i don't know how to add a new number for the new ores

    new HarvestResource( 25.0, 17.0, 100.0, 1007073, typeof( DullCopperOre ), typeof( DullCopperGranite ), typeof( DullCopperElemental ) ),
    The first 3 numbers are the levels needed min max etc, the other number (1007073) i guess is some kind of text

    AddSubRes( typeof( BronzeIngot ), 1044026, 20.0, 1044036, 1044268 );
    I don't know what the 1st number is, the second(20.0) is the difficulty, the 3 and 4 i suppose are the menu location...

    scripts\misc\ResourceInfo.cs (was the older ores.cs + other resources)

    case CraftResource.DullCopper: oreType = 1053108; break; // dull copper
    What is the number in oreType = ??

    case CraftResource.DullCopper: oreType = 1053108; break; // dull copper
    Same as BaseWeapon

    Can someone help me please??
    Thank you in advance!
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  2. kirionet

    kirionet Wanderer

    Ok i found it! they are strings in Cliloc.enu! so i made new strings and i changed the cliloc in Uo client folder and runuo static folder.
    Now something is working... if i use props i can get the name of my ores/ingot in resources but just 2 are working setting hue, name and stats correctly.. the other are adding only the name of the ore.
    When i spawn the BagOfingot, the original ingot are ok, the new are uncolored with the name "1_NOTHING"
    In the Blacksmith craft i can see (and choose) all my ingots with the right name and i can craft everything, but i got the same result as using props, 2 of the added ores are working correctly, the other are just adding the ore name to the item crafted...
    any suggestion??
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