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    Hi Everybody,

    I don't see anywhere on the forums where this is against the rules so I figured what the heck. I apologize if this is against the rules as I did not intend to break them and will of course without protest remove this thread and cease and desist to ever post such a thread again if it is against the rules. OKAY, with that being said the point of this thread is to ultimately create an open source fully-working version of Sallos for every shard that wants it. Potentially a lofty goal certainly however I have already done a good deal of the legwork by carefully analyzing what we publicly have to achieve this goal.


    In early January there was an open source decompiled version of PlayUO aka Sallos aka Krrios client posted by necr0potenc3 on the UO Subreddit. Here is a link to the github for it:
    and here is a link to a rar of it from my google drive account:


    In slightly later January there was another open source decompiled version of Sallos posted by mynameisokgo on the UO Subreddit as well. Here is a link to the bitbucketfor it:
    and here is a link to a rar of it from my google drive account:


    Mark promised everyone that if they wanted they could use Sallos for free as long as they had a good reputation with the community and their shard was well estabished. Personally I have tried for approximately 4-5 weeks now to contact Mark, even getting one of his shard's Game Masters to message him personally on Skype several times about it with no success as unfortunately, as brilliant as he is, he seemingly has has effectively left the UO community. Discussion of those topics here:


    UO Forever successfully created their own closed source variant of Sallos. You can get a copy of that here:


    This one I'm very reluctant to talk about. Because it could be very counter-productive as to what the ultimate goal of this is. But, there is also a cheat variant of Sallos as well. I will not be publicly releasing but I as well acquired it from the UO Subreddit. I'm sure with enough googling you could get your hands on it but afaik its not able to be decompiled easily as I gave copies of it to well-known RunUO developers that I knew of at the time a while back in the hopes one of them could create an anti-cheat engine for it and none succeeded unfortunately. But yes, for the record, it does exist and it does not use an external server of any kind. Not too mention it seemingly can be used on every shard. Frankly it's exceptional and if it just didn't have the cheats attached to it, it would be perfect.

    How to get Sallos Working

    According to Mark's Server's forums, what needs to be done is as follows

    Anyway that's about everything I have ascertained. In case you're curious here's some information about Sallos/Krrios Client/Etc etc etc

    Please feel encouraged to share your thoughts. Thanks!
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    this is quiet possibly the best and most complete collection of info i've seen about sallos in a long time
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    Hell maybe with some luck they'll implement some important preT2A/T2A era related UO Extreme Source features the axe item ability to visually delete a item client side only and perma snoop to keep pack only client side only were essentials for thieves back in the day. I generally think Sallos added a lot of positive game enhancements that aren't detrimental to the game, but rather enhance it in the same sense UOExtreme brought about game changes like arm/disarm that were flat out positive game changes the hypocrites against it all ended up using it once OSI copied and implemented it. We don't need or want scripting since automated botting game play is just plain dumb where is the fun and why play at all? Since it's DX based that means SweetFX should in theory work with it. Something great to implement would be pixel art scaling filters like HQx/BRz to this Sallos client along with the general resolution scaling it provide having some of those filters to play with would be a great way to tweak the look of the game itself.
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    It would be great if someone were to upscale all the game graphics to higher resolution ones some day they are looking more and more dated as hell as time passes. If we could just get Sallos to bring back UOExtreme functionality and UO gold pre expansion with pixel scaling filters this game would actually feel refreshing again in terms of emulation. Man I remember when RunUO first showed up it was considered so monumental more or less in terms of the games emulation, but it feels so stagnant now they never really did make a effort to properly emulate the game's first year or so of existence on live which was literally the most fun time frame of the game for PVP. I mean stealing/hiding weren't just good they were quote unquote overpowered according to OSI and you didn't need no stinking thieves guild hello PK murders and weren't perma flagged either shit was way better for a thief back in the day it was a legitimate build option!

    It's a shame we never saw a hybrid that merged the best aspects of UO gold with UO T2A as well good melee, archery, hiding, stealing, all the newer tweaks from T2A or late UO gold that didn't suck like curing/resurrection from bandages meditation/eval/anatomy other oddball stuff that was generally deemed good for PVP. I probably wouldn't include instant hit frankly UO gold dodging was actually better for PVP because it disables weak sauce spell interrupts from being stupid and practical due to the hit delay as a retarded means of preventing greater heal it also meanwhile just made curse utterly worthless shit when it was meant to be the better debuff being quicker and more mana efficient.

    Looking at old UO 97 screenshots ugghhhh game just makes hate T2A that much more they screwed up so much about the game that was good and turned it into a pew pew pew spam fest or stab stab you spasms uncontrollably til you drink that potion in your bag that you keep about 10 on hand. Welcome to T2A where archery is gone along with stealing, hiding, wearing armor, worrying about over extending mana, the need for reveal hiding or tracking at all, welcome to a new age where the terrain looks as bad as the new cloth clothing you'll be adorning because screw real armor and a bad ass cross bow cloth looks like shit and our weapons look cowardly, but that's how we like it welcome to Nottingham where we hate Robin Hood and his merry men.
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    Bump, anyone working with this?
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    Once I finish my todo list for Redux I am going to have a shot at it, if it's all C# their should be no issues.
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    I'll be waiting for it, Enroq. I hope there's no problems that come your way.

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