OSI Chesapeake decoration

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  1. nerun Sorceror

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    OSI Chesapeake decoration

    Hi all,

    I tested Kingdom Reborn a few days ago and see some changes in decoration:

    1.- Benefactor Of Britain statue, in Britain entrance

    2.- signs in the bridge

    3.- Britain Bank custom decoration (just in Chesapeake server)

    4.- Office Of The Commander Of The Royal Guard new decoration (just in Chesapeake server). This is the tower near the bank.

    5.- a few other fixes.

    Download the files, place them in \Data\Decoration\Britannia, use [decorate.

    Other custom decorations (non-OSI):

    * New Mine for Minoc - this add a new mine at Minoc mining camp.

    * Britain Bank Custom Decoration - beautifull decoration for Britain Bank.

    * Static Exporter - a script to save statics inside a bounding box to a decoration .cfg file. Make your own custom decorations!

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  2. Erica Knight

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    Nice but it crashes your shard when saying the command [decorate

    Code (text):
    Server Crash Report

    RunUO Version 2.0, Build 3466.34897
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2
    .NET Framework: 2.0.50727.4016
    Time: 7/3/2009 19:07:00
    Mobiles: 3511
    Items: 174525
    System.ArgumentException: Type not found for header: '638 1208 32'
       at Server.Commands.DecorationList.Read(StreamReader ip)
       at Server.Commands.DecorationList.ReadAll(String path)
       at Server.Commands.Decorate.Generate(String folder, Map[] maps)
       at Server.Commands.Decorate.Decorate_OnCommand(CommandEventArgs e)
       at Server.Commands.CommandSystem.Handle(Mobile from, String text, MessageType type)
       at Server.Mobile.DoSpeech(String text, Int32[] keywords, MessageType type, Int32 hue)
       at Server.Mobiles.PlayerMobile.DoSpeech(String text, Int32[] keywords, MessageType type, Int32 hue)
       at Server.Network.PacketHandlers.UnicodeSpeech(NetState state, PacketReader pvSrc)
       at Server.Network.MessagePump.HandleReceive(NetState ns)
       at Server.Network.MessagePump.Slice()
       at Server.Core.Main(String[] args)
  3. nerun Sorceror

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    It doesn't crash for me in SVN 335 and RC2. Look at the messages above. There are no item at 638 1208 32 in the custom decorations i did... And these coordinates are in Yew not Britain! Please, check if you change something else.
  4. Maestro7 Page

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    Awesome Job! Worked for me Thankyou
  5. Prophet2005 Wanderer

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    Looks good man.
  6. Erica Knight

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    Your right it was the cfg tokuno had some number in space i fixed thanks that helped me out nerun.
  7. Erica Knight

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    Problem tho Old Haven gets decorated you should use a command script like [decorateNewBritain something like that cause lots are using the new haven and with using the command decorate it will add old haven with the new haven just tho i let you know.
  8. jokik Sorceror

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    nice , you should make more of the custom OSI decoration.

    btw heres a link to them...
    Sonoma Rare Locations

    (press shards on the left if you want to look at another shard.)

    and yeah i just made the Forgotten monastery on my shard , took me like 4 hours!
  9. nerun Sorceror

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    Awesome! Goes to my bookmarks!
  10. nerun Sorceror

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    Weird and Secret place in Yew...

    Do you wanna see a weird and secret place in Yew?

    [go 304 945 2

    Nothing strange uh?

    Now [set z -20

    There is a a kind of cellar?!

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  11. Lestat181 Sorceror

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    wow never knew about that.
  12. jokik Sorceror

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    thats cool :D
  13. doaker Wanderer

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    thats cool that be a good place to add spanwers that u dont want people too fing and mess with ty for the info.........

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