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Passing the Torch


Hello ladies and gents. Firstly, thank you taking the time you've taken to read and hopefully assist me in my goal.

My first MMO was UO and I played since release day for many years. Words cannot express on how the initial years were magical to me and I'd like to transfer that experience to my sons. However, I'd like to play it privately as the shards I've tried so far haven't exactly given me the experience I hoped. (houses everywhere, bank full of bots selling stuff).

Quite frankly, I'd like to setup adventure trips with family and explore the world, build a town and so forth. Casual fun stuff, you know?

How hard is it to setup a private server of my own? I've asked a friend and he told me it's impossible since you'll need a populated server world and no one shares that. I've searched for a guide and most are outdated and pretty useless.

So, is this a lost endeavor or is there a way this can happen?

Any assistance on this matter would be appreciated.


just create a server, then type ingame [admin, in world gen you can generate signs, item, etc... Just be careful to not spawn vendors yet,
as you will need an already spawned world, for this you will probably need nerun's distro script for the spawners, monsters anbd animals will be spawned aften then.

As for nerun distro i give no support tho, i don't like it.

--too late xD