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RunUO Founder
Staff member
In an effort to streamline the RunUO and UOGamers experience we chose to combine the forums for our users. This was supposed to build a more vibrant community who supported each other and shared ideas. Unfortunately the net effect has been nothing short of tragic to both projects.

I am in the process of planning a split of the forums and moving the UOGamers shards to a different location, the net effect will be the RunUO projects will be here on and the UOGamers shards will be located on

My apologies for the strife this has caused our communities for a while now but we will be rectifying this situation.


Pure Insanity

Basically separating the developer community from the people that play the actual game. RunUO used to have a lot more average joe developers here on the site. But I believe many have found it hard to sort through the UOGamers stuff lately, due to how active the UOGamers forums are. I believe the forum will benefit a lot from this.