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Request for Tutorial: Basic Quest


Hello Everyone,

I am requesting a basic quest tutorial. I hope someone can create one that shows the following (assuming you have already setup your gump for the quest):

1. Adding the quest to the UI so it appears when you accept the quest.
2. Either giving the reward to the player or adding their bonus.
3. Tracking the quest, "Monsters Slain, Items turned in, etc..."
4. Bonus: Global Quests vs. Local Quests - meaning quest info everyone on the server can view.

3 and 4 might be a little difficult to explain. I am just hoping I can get nudged in the right direction here. :)


Thank you! You are correct, this is exactly what I was looking for! I will need to look them over a bit when I get back home, but from the descriptions it should show me exactly what I need to see to configure a slew of quests! Thank you!