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[RunUO 1.0]Bricks a.k.a LEGO :)


[RunUO 1.0]Bricks a.k.a LEGO :)

The idea for this event has been some time ago. We used to build on the custom house foundations back then. The main idea is that you get the "Bricks" (which were marble stairs pieces) and build from them, locking them down prevent them from decay and making sure they will stay there. Later on players' works are being evaluated by the jury (usually shard's staff) and winners are announced, prizes given etc.
Since we where building on foundations there had to be someone in the team who was able to become at least a co-owner for the house. This made me write a simple script for the event.
Here are some examples of what was built:

ImageShack - Hosting :: lob17ju.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: lob29ns.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: mrnecro8sx.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: gacoperz12121479kd.jpg

Copy the provided files anywhere in the Scripts folder and Restart

Usage (staff)
Add ProtoBrick items with specified ID's ( i use 1801 - 1809 )
Provide any other means for running this event (mark the building areas, inform players about the event and its rules etc)
This event will need to be supervised to prevent griefing etc.

Usage (players)
Doubleclick a ProtoBrick to get a Brick of the similar type.
Place it.
Double click it to lock it down.
If you wish to unlock it doubleclick again.
If you wish to change its colors use a regular dye tub.

Future development
Adding more functionality like defined building areas.
Assigning Bricks to whole teams of players instead of individuals.

Designing an event in which players will use them to build fortifications in PVP events.(player suggestion)

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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Sorry, didn't test it on 2.0 but i think it should work. I use 1.0 on my shard so i dont use 2.0 even as a testbed. I will look into it in spare time.